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A Female-Empowering Approach To Dating:How Herd Heard What Women Wanted And Gave Them A Dating App That Puts Them In The Driving Seat

With more female CEOs flexing their female muscle across the globe, it’s certain the current millennium will be recalled as one where business-wise women obtained and held onto an ever-increasing amount of the economical pie. One woman that epitomizes this truth is Whitney Herd, formerly Wolfe, an SMU alumnae, cited by Forbes as the billion dollar dating app queen, also seen posing with grace and a knowing smile on the cover of Forbe’s 30 under 30, December 2017 cover, dedicated to innovators in respective fields. Herd is the sole founder of the female-empowering dating app, Bumble.

Though her rise in the dating app world began as co-founder and marketing vice president of the massively popular ‘Tinder,’ Herd elected to create her own dating option, within the super-saturated world of dating apps, confident her woman-centric modus operandi would afford her an edge. Herd’s site, which gives women the first move option, has already amassed the site twenty million plus subscribers, half those of it’s closest competitor, Herd’s former stomping ground, Tinder.

Andrey Andreev, founder of the multi-million dollar, International dating network, Badoo, is a Herd admirer, one with the foresight to realize his resources allied with Herd’s marketing savvy and women-friendly approach could constitute winning team, fortunately. Herd’s female-centric app touched a nerve with women, many skittish, or burned, or just tired of waiting to be asked by men. They appreciated the Sadie Hawkins, ‘women in The driver seat’ allure of being in charge of the data that could lead to a date, rather than the other way around. The site took off, garnering a hundred thousand downloads in the first month alone.

The site continues to evolve in ways specifically geared to woman-culture, an example being Bumble BFF; a feature giving users a way to use matching criteria already in place to discover potential BFFs. Another feature, Bumble Bizz takes the ‘woman holding the reins’ approach to the business world, according women networking opportunities, where the first move is theirs to make.

Herd recently married long-time love interest and restauranteur, Michael Herd, who she met at a skiing lodge in 2013, in a ceremony that took place in Italy. Business-wise, Herd’s Bumble isn’t bumbling, rather the company’s future looks to be as sunny as the sunflower colored roof of the company’s new Austin,Texas headquarters. Annual growth rates are projected to be three times as fast as the formerly ubiquitous Tinder. And Herd’s already fended of takeover bids from dating behemoths, like Match.

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