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A Rail Car Company Went Off The Rails

Many business experts today have made their fortune by finding the things they are both good at and passionate for and making money off of that. Gurus call this “monetizing your passion.”

Gregory James Aziz has been successful in finding the various ways he is skilled at something and making millions off of it. Greg James Aziz is highly skilled in taking crumbling businesses and moving them back to health. Making poor companies rich has made him a millionaire several times over.

Recently, National Steel Car admitted that they were going to have to declare bankruptcy if they did not discover a way to turn their business around. The only thing they could think of at this point was to offer Greg Aziz a spot at the helm of their company. They offered Gregory James Aziz the role of Chief Executive Officer. To seal the deal, they had to agree to also let Gregory James Aziz become chairman of the Board.

When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car he got to work immediately. He knew he had to get them back to a solid foundation for business and fast! He began by implanting a strong vision that would enable and excite the people to achieve their best. This was difficult at the time since many people were not hopeful that things would pan out well for National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz cast a simple yet effective vision. He challenged National Steel Car to develop a rail car that accomplished three things. The first thing was that the rail car had to meet the strictest environmental regulations. The second thing was that the rail car had to increase its carrying capacity while maintaining a low rate for wear and tear. The last thing, and perhaps the most difficult, was to find a way to create a rail car that the customer could customize according to their transport needs that day.


Gregory James Aziz helped the company get ready for this by bringing in mentors who could educate each executive, manager, and worker, on how such a rail car could be achieved.


With an effective vision and the right skill, the workers at National Steel Car were able to complete this rail car in three years. This earned National Steel Car billions of dollars in contracts and promoted them to the top railway car manufacturer that they are today. Visit This Page for related information.


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