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Alex Pall Takes Interview Magazine Through Their Future Plans

After the release of their eagerly awaited single, “Closer,” that features the star-of-the-moment, Halsey, the Chainsmokers had a one on one interview with the interview magazine. Unlike their previous hits with DJ Rhett Bixler, “Closer” features Andrew Taggart who is singing. Alex Pall told Mathias Rosenzweig of the interview magazine that he was introduced to Drew Taggart by Adam Alpert, his then manager and still their current manager.

Alex, one half the DJ duad said that after meeting Andrew, all their conversations were centered around music and shaping a similar identity, something that assured him that Taggart was the right replacement for DJ Rhett. He added that they had identical co-values and were both driven and ambitious. He thought that Drew being a fantastic producer and him working on several DJ gigs, they would be able to promote and market their music.

When Mathias brought up the star-of-the-moment in the interview, Alex glorified Halsey saying she was exceptionally talented with a strong voice and was remorselessly herself. She was a unique artist and collaborating with the two was a dream come true for them. Besides working with a great artist, they were excited about the song because it was one of their compositions from a tour they did. The DJs who write their music mentioned that they preferred talking about their lives in their songs to achieve a relation between their songs in an album. Unlike their DJ contemporaries who employed the services of singers and songwriters to create a human feel on their electronic soundscapes, they would guide the songwriters they would involve through writing a whole song.

Alex couldn’t hide his excitement on the responses they got on their social media platforms. He said that now more than ever, their music could connect to a broader audience through platforms like Instagram and they would get feedback from fans within all age groups. Pall spoke about how they were planning to improve on their visuals to accommodate all their fans predispositions. Together with his partner, they were glad that the music they made for themselves was inspiring a lot of people out there.


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