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Billionaire George Soros Looks to Talk Strategy With Democrats

Shortly after the most recent presidential election, billionaire investor and donor George Soros looked to talk to Democrats about their new political strategy . Since the defeat of Hillary Clinton was quite shocking, Democrats have looked to find ways to regroup for the next four years. They lost both the House and Senate as well and therefore, will look to find ways to get power by the mid term elections of 2018. Soros met with union leaders as well a number of top Democrat politicians to discuss the pending agenda. The Democrats will look to accomplish a number of things such as protecting Obamacare, appointing a new leader, invest in more aggressive campaigns in conservative states and also oppose the policies suggested by president elect Donald Trump.

The first issue that George Soros discussed with Democrats is the policies suggested by Donald Trump. Many Democrats disagree with many of the policies that Trump wants to adopt. As a result, they will look to aggressively challenge his policies and look for ways to ensure that the United States continues to set progressive policies over the next four years. Soros’ meeting with Democrats and liberals was very productive as they will look to make sure that the United States does not enforce any policies that may give the nation a negative reputation throughout the world.

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After the election was completed, the Democrats and George Soros believed that Obamacare was in serious jeopardy. Conservative Republicans have frequently stated that they are looking to repeal Obamacare. President elect Donald Trump has also made it well known that he believes that the policy should be eliminated immediately. Since Obamacare was a vital first step in providing all Americans with medical coverage, they will fight very hard to preserve it. By keeping Obamacare intact, the Democrats will be able to take a vital first step in fulfilling their progressive agenda.

Another thing that the Democrats looked to achieve is appointing someone to lead the Democratic National Committee. Their top choice is Keith Ellison who is currently a senator representing the state of Minnesota. With his appointment, the Democrats will be able to more successfully push their policies as well as nominate other leaders for top positions in the party. Nominating Ellison will provide the Democrat party with a powerful voice that will hopefully challenge the Republicans on their policies. With his leadership, the Democrats will be in great position to adopt progressive policies that will provide more equality and prosperity for the United States in the coming years.

One of the things that the Democrat party concluded on was to address the demographics of their voters. During the most recent election, Hillary Clinton lost due to a number of working class voters choosing Donald Trump. As a result, the Democrats realize that they will need to appeal more to these particular voters. In order to achieve this objective, the Democrats and George Soros will look to provide more donations and campaign funds. They will provide this funding to the political leaders who represent the Democrat Party.

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