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Chris Burch: More Than Business

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital which is a venture investments and brand development company. However, work isn’t Burch’s entire life. He actually leads a pretty full one. At least, according to social media and Chris Burch is quite the Instagrammer. He does use the page for some business like when he posted a promotion post for a podcast he did with Daniel Budzinski in which he discusses self-esteem and why he doesn’t accept the title “entrepreneur.” So, Chris Burch does try to incorporate some of his work into his online life and use it as somewhat of a tool for promotion. But he’s also very open and personable. Chris Burch also loves showing off photos of his loved ones. Whether they’re at parties, playing out in the snow, on a yacht or at a million-dollar event. Burch is always happy to share the memories he’s making every day with the people in his life. He also shares beautiful photos of his home. One of which he actually just purchased and loves. Chris Burch definitely has an elegant taste and enjoys giving his followers a taste of his life from the inside, learn more on instagram.com.

Chris Burch also enjoys uplifting the people who choose to follow his page. He shares lots of quotes about success and how to be successful, which many people love. He also shares simple quotes about life and how simple it can all be, see (Bjtonline.com). However, we also see that Chris Burch isn’t a very simple man. He loves to travel. Sharing pictures of the places he’s been and also photos of the different people he meets. Burch is a huge animal lover. Included with his travel pictures are photos of animals he’s met on his escapades. His own dog’s adorable photos are also featured. There’s even one of him on a laptop as if he’s got some important business of his own to attend to. So cute! But most of all, he’s loves nature. On Chris’s page you will find some of the most colorful pictures of landscapes at his own homes, or in his office. Like his little lemon tree with one of the best views of New York City it’s probably ever seen. Burch is a pretty interesting guy and he isn’t afraid to flaunt it, visit http://nihi.com/our-story/.

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