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Clay Hutson: Igniting the Live Performance World

Clay Hutson is a competent tour rigger. Late this month, he decided to be part of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their production of Soul2Soul. This is the second leg for the world tour with the duo. The first leg was inclusive of 70 sold out concerts that began in April 2017 to the need of the year in December. The fans demanded of this tour and it was extended with an inclusive of one more partner, Clay Hutson. Clay Hutson is making the tour thrilling with the live production. The second leg of the World Tour for Soul2Soul is scheduled to begin in 31st of May 2018 in Richmond in Virginia. The tour will feature an opening act by Caitlyn Smith, followed by Devin Dawson, NEEDTOBREATHE, Brothers Osborne, Midland, Seth Ennis, Margo Price, and many others. Clay Hutson expressed his gratitude for being part of the team by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in their show.


Hutson is one of the best-honored individuals in the live performance industry. He has worked with most famous people like Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Kelly Clarkson. Hutson has enabled many musicians to put up some live performances among other services like sound engineering, tour production, and stage management. Clay Hutson has more than twenty years of experience in this area and he is honored to be behind the success of most artists in the music industry. During his baby step days, he operated as a sound engineered and was able to tour with the sound team for Billy Graham. He later he revised his focused and took the direction of the music industry. In this new venture, he traveled to North America, Europe, and Australia with an intention of helping the great musicians to put up exciting entertainment live shows for their audiences. Clay loves hard work and while in the business he has realized that all artists appreciate work that has been accomplished well on stage. This is what sets him apart from such contracts and builds his business as well.


Clay Hutson is a committed and passionate sound engineer, tour producer, and stage-manage who loves his work greatly. He is based in Nashville, TN. His work is to ensure that live performances are put on well and that everything is perfect before the eyes of the crowd and the performer. He has a passion that can never be quenched for music and related stuff. Other services include rigging, logistic, management and monitor engineer. Learn more: http://www.g1limited.com/news.php?id=46

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