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Clayton Hudson- Software Engineer

Clayton Hudson is the founder of DiGiCo and recently made its debut in the field with Aaron Lewis- they played on stages and at other arenas, and Hudson holds many hats including Software Engineer and do to day production manager. He produced a country solo album called Town Line with Lewis. They played opening slots at Arenas and festival bills,


Hutson has a fair amount of experience with consols on the DiGiCo market including working on an SD7 last year. He recently needed a complex mixing system that would be easy to store under a tour bus. Hutson offers production design and production management- and also works as a show producer and monitor engineer. They also engage in rigging.


Group one is professional lighting and audio company that Hutson also works with and they area successful in the industry. They also have experience in function control.


Hutson last year, worked with Marilyn Manson on a DB5 last year. Hutson joked about Manson’s volitility. Hutson says he likes working in different venues, and says that even in smaller venues they still want to get things right – including the sound performance and things like that. Hutson considers himself an audio survivalist in his own words, and does what needs to make things happen.


The 4REA system is a provider of high end consols and is a great audio solution to issues. Hutson especially wants to give justice to the vintage Gibson acoustics that Lewis plays, and this is important. The SD7 is highly thought of by Chris Rabold and does not sound like your typical digital desk and enjoys the pure colored sound of the SD7. Rabold recognizes this is important. The sonic quality is considered pretty impressive. Clay Hutson is an expert sound engineer and understand all the factors at play in the systems he runs. Hutson therefore is one of the best in the business and his previous experience on DB5 and also with the 4REA is really important. Hutson therefore is a guy to watch for the future and has really developed strong skills as a sound engineer. Learn more: https://angel.co/clayton-hutson

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