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End Citizens United Aims To Reform Campaign Finance Ruling

Candidates have received huge donations since the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 allowing interest groups and wealthy people to contribute to U.S. elections. The money from donors is neither accountable nor traceable hence the U.S. elections can be tilted or manipulated. The weak regulations on campaign finance allowed the interference of 2016 Presidential elections. The U.S government could not stop Russia-based business from funding ads to deceive voters thereby affecting final election results. Foreign countries such as Russia, China or Mexico use their large companies to meddle in the process of U.S elections. There is need to reform financial regulations to limit the political influence of any person or business and support democracy.

Politicians and close allies continue to support flawed laws to receive money from the few donors. In return, the donors require specific negotiated actions and favors. Despite the evident foreign intervention, especially Russia purchasing Facebook ads to swing voter’s opinion, the lawmakers are not interested or even prepared to address laws or better enforcement. They are uninterested because it is not only the foreign countries or companies that interfere with political process but also large local organizations.

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In most cases, the political allies donate secretly. Foreign spending is not allowed in elections in the U.S. The Federal Election Commission, however, has managed to detect political contributions from foreign countries.

The rise of foreign political donations requires strong laws and enforcement to prevent influence. However, some legislators fear the loss of lump sum contributions and refuse to fasten passing the bills. Other Republicans oppose the rules that improve accountability and outlines the sources of donated funds.

To strengthen rules on financial support, Democrats introduced a bill to prevent foreign donations to campaigns. Next End Citizens United aims to counter effects of the Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee founded in March 2015 to enhance sound reforms in campaign finance. The goal of the group is to facilitate a constitutional amendment which will reverse the limitless political donations. Grassroot donations manage and finance End Citizens United operations. The group’s mission is to ensure the election of pre-form candidates, show that money in politics of national priority, pass pre-form laws in states and more.

End Citizens United supports Democrats in primary elections. The group trusts Democrats legislation to achieve required reforms in mega donations and foreign influence. However, in case a Republican or Independent candidate was for preform finance campaign, the group would support the candidature. Many Republican and Independent voters agree on the need to reform political donations. Republican leadership does not want to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling.

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