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EOS Lip Balm Collectors

EOS has been a huge success in the category of personal care products. What most people don’t know is that there are collectors that have thousands of EOS lip balms in their collections. Some keep them sealed, some use them and let them sit on a collectible shelf, and some have both to complete their collections. Here’s the details, click here.

There are people on YouTube that have shared their own EOS collections. Some have excellent collectible EOS lip balm collection sets like Alice in Wonderland, a set that is impossible to find today. Most of the collectors of EOS lip balms have them categorized into colors and release years. You can check it out. It’s pretty fun, go to blogwebpedia.com to read more stories.

Some of the collectors are selling their EOS lip balms on eBay. Considering the fact that some of the collectible sets like Alice in Wonderland are not available to buy anymore, the prices that these sets go for for the EOS lip balms is through the roof. Here are some of the other collectible sets that EOS offered that are now for sale on ebay.com.


– Spring 2017

– Holiday 2015

– Holiday Orgnaic Vanilla Bean

– Christmas Limited Edition 2015

– EOS Love Set

– Sunshine Rachel Ray EOS Set


Check them out here, https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/.


These are just a few of the top selling EOS collectibles on eBay that people that collect the lip balms are selling. It is a wonderful way for those people that are huge fans of the brand to share the collectibles that they love so much.

EOS started as a pioneer in the lip balm industry with celebrities using them in videos and their movies. At the same time, commercial advertisements were released with the colorful lip balm in bright colors. Compared to fruit, these EOS lip balms were a hit. Now they are collectible.




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