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Fabletic’s New Marketing Strategy

Every year brings with it new marketing trends that either make or break companies. The current marketing trend is crowdsourcing. Historically, consumers relied on sponsored promotions to determine which brands were worth the money. As more power shifted in favor of consumers, they began relying more on their own opinions.

This gave birth to review-centric marketing strategies of today. Consumers rely heavily on user reviews, trusting them as much as recommendations from people they know. Fabletics is one of the savvy brands capitalizing on this shift. In just under five years, Fabletics grew by over 200 percent.

Last year, Fabletics grew an additional 43 percent. Despite all odds, in particular, Amazon controlling 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, Fabletics found success amidst a slew of fitness wear powerhouses like Under Armour and Lululemon. While the marketing aspect of the company is a big part of its success, Fabletics also owes its success to co-founder Kate Hudson.

Four years ago, Hudson met with TechStyle Fashion Group executives to talk about starting an affordable activewear brand. Fabletics started out a little rough around the edges but evolved into a brilliantly run multimillion-dollar athleisure brand with over one million monthly members.

Kate Hudson puts a lot of work into her company. While other activewear brands just create fashion for people to wear, Fabletics is about more. The mission: to create fashion that inspires all women to embrace a more active and healthy lifestyle. It’s weird to think that fashion has such power over people but it does.

Recently, Fabletics announced it first line for plus-size women. Since the beginning, Hudson wanted to make sure that every type of woman could find something she liked on Fabletics. The sad truth is that plus-size people usually get left out of the latest fashion trends.

Like any good businesswoman, Kate Hudson found a promising marketing opportunity. No one was really making affordable activewear for all women. Just that simple premise is what allowed Fabletics to succeed like no company before it. According to Hudson, it takes longer to design products for all women, but it’s worth it in the end.

Also, Hudson makes sure to stay involved with the company as much as possible. It’s important to her to know what’s going on with her company, especially when it comes to sales. She goes over sales numbers every week and decides what stays and what goes.

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