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Fortress Investment Group: Forming New Alliances In The Financial Services Industry

Fortress Investment Group LLC is an internationally recognized leader in global investment management. The company derives its strength from the application of its deep experience and specialized expertise in a broad range of investment strategies – credit, private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid markets.

The primary activities of Fortress Investment Group LLC are recapitalization, buyout, and turnaround situations. Targeting investments in financial services, this private equity firm pursues the sectors of real estate, gaming, senior living, media, leisure, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation & energy/infrastructure, consumer finance, and loan servicing. The private equity investments take place in Western Europe, Caribbean, and North America.

In companies which have major operational issues, Fortress works closely with a corporation’s creditor committees and board of directors, obtaining control and securing corporation ownership in this manner. Its usual method of operation is to obtain a majority stake in the corporation by investing in undervalued and distressed assets, examples of which include intellectual property, natural resources, real estate, and capital assets.

Fortress invests in equity, derivatives, and currency and commodity markets internationally. Its services include both the launch and management of real estate funds, hedge funds, and others in private equity. The firm makes investments in generation of cash flow in asset-based businesses, debt, and asset acquisition, while its alternative investments include those of distressed real estate loan acquisitions and real estate markets.

On July 12, 2017, all Fortress shareholders approved the transaction, and the board received all required regulatory approvals. The SoftBank Group paid $3.3 billion in cash to complete its acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group. Afterwards, SBG and its corporate subsidiaries had complete ownership of all outstanding shares of Fortress. One result of the acquisition was that every Fortress Class A outstanding share now transformed into an option of receiving the cash equivalent of $8.08 per share.

Additionally, the payment procedures stated in the June 7, 2017, Fortress Definitive Proxy stipulated the terms of distribution of the merger proceeds. Attorneys included the merger agreement with the official documents. Officials delisted Fortress stock from the New York Stock Exchange. The financial results of Fortress have been both consolidated and reflected in the consolidated financial statements of SBG, since that time.

A new individual who rose rapidly in the financial sector, Brian Forde, has plans to run for Congress .New to block chain technology and cryptocurrency, Washington would benefit from his knowledge and expertise in this field. Brian has announced his goal to unseat the incumbent Republican in Orange County, Cali, in a race which could potentially change the party in control of the House of Representatives after the November elections.

Thirty-seven year old Forde was the former director at MIT’s Media Lab of digital currency and a technology adviser during Obama presidency. He is optimistic of his chances in the 45th District.
Forde’s expertise in cryptocurrency has attracted well-known Bitcoin investors, who believe he understands how to cultivate and model the Bitcoin market to in a way that would positively impact people and organizations. The volatile Bitcoin market fell 70% in December 2017, which even more strongly intensified the industry’s desire to have knowledgeable representation in Congress.

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