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George Soros Helping People Wake Up To The Threat Of Capitalism

One of the leading influencers in the political sphere of the United States is George Soros. As a wealthy businessman with abundant financial resources and a legislative lobbyist, George Soros has played a vital role in how the political spectrum of the country shapes out. He is the founder of Soros Management Inc, one of the biggest and the most profitable hedge funding corporations in the world, managing assets over $30 billion and counting as it continues to grow at a staggering pace till date. George Soros is a thought leader, an author, a philanthropist, and a businessman, who is well respected for business prowess, political ideology, and the philanthropic efforts he has endeavored in not only in the United States but the world over.

George Soros believes that it is essential for the world leaders to come together and address the issues that are infecting the society that we live in. First and foremost, he believes that people should wake up to realize that capitalism is real threat and must be aware of the consequences it can lead to in the future. George Soros says there is a fragile line between capitalism and totalitarianism, which is diminishing with time as the governments are suppressing people’s voice and the rights of people have not defended anymore. George Soros is also counted amongst the most generous philanthropist and has given away $32 billion towards philanthropy in his life so far. Recently, he announced a donation of $18 billion to his charity foundation named Open Society Foundation.

George Soros is Jewish by birth and was born in Budapest, Hungary. However, after Nazis occupied Hungary, George Soros and his family had to flee their homeland to escape death. After moving from Hungary, Soros and his family settled in the United Kingdom, where George Soros completed his education at the famous London School of Economics. It is here that his passion for business started and grew further and he decided to shift to United States after completing his education. And, it is what he did after his graduation. In the United States, George Soros preferred to make New York, his preferred choice of residence to try his hand in the most prominent financial district of the world, Wall Street. It is here he founded Quantum Fund, which continues to be one of the most significant and most profitable funds of all time.

The birth of Soros Management opened a new chapter in his life and marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial and business success that is historic and legendary. He came to limelight, and people started to recognize him when he shorted the British Pound and pocketed a billion dollars in profit. It is this move that made him a culprit in the eyes of many as it led to the sudden downfall of Britain’s financial market. George Soros, however, has used his wealth in a very efficient manner till date to empower local communities and implement and back reforms that would promote the next generation a better tomorrow.

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