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Getting into the Mind of Eric Pulier

Becoming a successful tech entrepreneur can be a difficult prospect because there are no straight and narrow paths from the beginning to the end. Entrepreneurs have to find their own way through their industry of choice, no matter what it is. Still, there can be some merit to looking over the work history of an entrepreneur who has made it all of the way. Today we are going to take a closer look at Eric Pulier’s wide and varied tech career as well as all of the personality traits that make him tick.

If you want to learn one thing early on about Eric Pulier, which is probably the greatest take away of his early tech success, then you should know that he is a meticulous list maker. Pulier’s work has always succeeded because he has been absolutely focused on making sure he has all of his ducks in order. Perhaps this is a side effect from raising four children in Los Angeles but Pulier’s never allowed himself to lose focus. Each morning Pulier starts by writing out a list of his tasks to accomplish. Through the span of the day, as he accomplishes these tasks, Pulier will make notes in his notebook of any inspiration that he might come across. Lists, notes, and focused updates keep his clock ticking.

Knowing what to do is in part knowing what is to come. Pulier often focuses on marketing trends in order to stay ahead of the pack and get ahead of the competition. Right now Pulier is extremely focused on a type of technology that is known as genome editing. Genome editing, according to Pulier, is the future of technology because it can have a huge impact on the actual human race. Pulier is also focused on blockchain technology because he believes that it will evolve the way currency works.

Right now most people probably know Eric Pulier for his hard work at the XPrize Foundation but he has actually been a part of 13 different large tech companies. Pulier’s success stands for itself and with his advice maybe yours will too.

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