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Glen Wakeman Has Plenty Of Valuable Advice For Startups and Beginning Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, mentor, and successful businessman who has done a lot in the course of his career. He earned, both, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in economics and an MBA in finance during his educational days and now runs LaunchPad Holdings LLC. as its CEO and co-founder. What he does at LaunchPad Holdings is to help startup companies be successful by guiding them through the murky waters of getting a business off of the ground (BlogWebpedia). His 5 step performance methodology is known to many, and among the important steps that he recommends new business to focus on our leadership, human capital, and risk management.


Glen Wakeman is not only talented because he can guide people in-person but also because he is an excellent writer who can inspire through words. His writing has helped people to better understand administrative strategies as well as corporate management, and one of his unusual gifts is his ability to discover the specific ways to succeed in a variety of industries. This has allowed him to be able to guide many different kinds of businesses through their beginning phases.


When asked if there was one software piece or service on the web that has helped him to be more productive, Glen Wakeman pointed to live chat and Doodle. He said that live chat has helped to be able to take care of more customers than he could without it and that Doodle has allowed him to stay more organized and to keep administrative costs down. Aside from these, he also talked about Fiverr and how it has helped him to find affordable resources from all around the world.


As a man who loves to read, Glen Wakeman recommends that everybody pick up a copy of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. He feels like it is the best strategy book a person will find and that it offers valuable lessons on discipline and teamwork. He also suggests, through his own experiences, that keeping in contact with old friends, entrepreneur connections, and other business connections, is a good idea and something that he would of done more of if he could go back in time.


More about Glen Wakeman at http://analystoffinance.com/2017/12/glen-wakeman/

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