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Gregory J Aziz Positive Contribution to National Steel Car Company

National Steel Car is a railroad car manufacturer based in North America. The company works on delivering quality products such as trains and train containers. With over a hundred years of experience, National Steel Company has evolved to dynamic lengths, which led them to be the leading railroad freight manufacturer in North America. Additionally, the company’s deep sense of purpose has enabled it achieve success not only in North America, but also in the international market. Further, National Steel Car has gained reputation due to its quality workmanship.


National Steel Car brought an unmatched game plan due to their dominance in the manufacturing industry. Consequently, its long-term manufacturing period enabled it to retain the leading spot. The company continued with the performance despite achieving success. Additionally, the company has broadened its services by adding its workforce from 500 to 3000 employees and opening additional stores. As a result, National Steel Car Company was rewarded with the annual TTX SECO award as an honor for their quality work and good performance.


The company was founded in the year 1912. Just as any other company, National Steel Car started from a humble background. Luckily, its launching was timely since the Canadian Pacific Railway was just beginning its construction work. For this reason, National Steel Car registered the highest profit in the year 1913. Although it was a new company, it managed to provide supply to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway for over ten years. However, in the year 1930’s, the company experienced a decline in its performance due to competition from upcoming companies. See More Information.


Due to its depreciation in performance, the company suffered a major blow in the acquisition of orders. As a result, National Steel Car decided to focus its attention in the manufacture of other products such as bus bodies, motor boats, and trucks. Finally, after a long period of struggle, National Steel Car gave up on their struggle by placing the company on sale. It was after four years that Greg Aziz, the owner of Hamilton Corporation, came across the announcement of sale of National Steel Car. With a good knowledge of the company’s previous performances, Gregory James Aziz decided to purchase the company in an aim to redeem it to its former glory. Gregory J Aziz started by increasing the workforce, which paid off when the company registered an increase in production from 3,500 to 12,000 in the year 2,000. James Aziz positive influence to the company continued until it was recently declared the leading rail car manufacturer in the world.


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