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How Gregory Aziz Saved National Steel Car

National steel car is an engineering company found in Canada. It is the biggest manufacturer of rolling stocks in the whole of North America. Rolling stocks are also popularly known as railroad freight cars. Since it was started in 1912, National steel car has always topped the list of the best rolling stock manufacturing companies in the region. The National industries Inc. established National steel car. Currently, NSC it is led by James Aziz. The chairman and CEO of the company is Gregory J Aziz. National steel car has established itself as a leading company due to its high prioritization of quality. It has the best product in the markets in terms of quality.


National steel car was started by entrepreneur Morison Gibson together with other investors with the aim of supplying rolling stocks to the railway’s corporation in North America at the time. There was a huge demand for rolling stocks, and this presented an excellent opportunity for the company to grow. After the first few years of operations, the company made huge profits which made the investors realize that they could even make it better by expanding its business operation to provide more products to the market. The investors had a new resolve of making it the biggest producer of rolling stocks after witnessing how the company had performed in the first few years. They bought a warehouse in Hamilton where they constructed their manufacturing plants. Visit This Page for related information


National steel car started receiving huge orders from railway companies, and within a short time, their business was booming. For the next two decades, the business was doing very well. The biggest challenge for the company came in the 1930’s when an economic depression hit the world. There was a decline in orders, and the company had to look for alternatives so that it could maintain its stake in the market. The company was started producing motor vehicles so that it could counter the shortage of orders in the railway’s sector. A reprieve came in after the start of the World War 2. There was a huge demand in the railway’s sector as well as in the motor vehicle sector.


The company managed to get back into business and was now able to manufacture rolling stocks for even export purposes. They were exported to Canada and the United States. National steel car was purchased by a steel manufacturing company in Canada called Dofasco, but they were unable to manage it. They sold it in 1994 to James Aziz.

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