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How Shervin Pishevar Shared His Recent Thoughts On The Economy

Most people of the business world share their thoughts via a blog or podcast. Shervin Pishevar decided to do something a little different. He posted his thoughts about the economy on Twitter.


The Storm of Tweets

It’s been a while since the successful venture capitalist and founder of The Investment firm has been on Twitter. Some joked that it’s been so long that he was not aware of Twitter lifting the 140-character minimum on tweets. That being said, Shervin Pishevar created a storm of tweets in the span of only 21 hours.

50 tweets were sent, many of which focused on the economy in one way or another. To make it easy for people to follow along, however, he did have the foresight to number all of the tweets.


Economic Tweets

The first tweet that Shervin Pishevar sent summed up what the next ones would be about. He had some thoughts on “financial thoughts” that he saw brewing. This included an expected 6000 point drop in aggregate in the coming months. He then uses several tweets to explain why he feels this way.

The gains of 2018 have been lost and if the market continues, the gains from 2017 will also be lost. Interest rates are on the rise and credit account deficits are also increasing. Asset classes are being overvalued and, as Shervin Pishevar explains, the bond market isn’t as deep as everyone thinks.

Shervin Pishevar didn’t provide any insight as to why he felt the need to share all of these thoughts. However, he has become very successful as a result of spotting trends early on. Many of his followers are taking note so that they can be at the forefront of any changes that will actually occur to the economy. Some of the changes are already happening, too.


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