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Hussain Sajwani – An Opportunistic Businessman

A great businessperson around the Middle East can well describe Hussain Sajwani. His success was through hard work and luck too through his whole career.

Currently, he is the chairman of DAMAC Group, and also the founder of it in the year 2002. His idea to form the company came into mind a time when Sheikh Mohammed, who was the Prince by then, permitted foreigners to own properties in the Middle East. His move came in with a great hit in the market. DAMAC Group was and is still managing property development in the Middle East which includes luxurious houses and real estates and has managed to grow at a breakneck pace. Through this, DAMAC Group managed to scoop an award with Forbes after being announced the fastest growing in the global competition.

This business has lifted Hussain Sajwani to greater grounds. The popularity of his business attracted invites from great investors and people in business, such as Donald Trump, with whom they have plans to enhance business ties together. The construction of Tiger Woods Golf Course which is managed by the Trump shows some of the closed deals made by the two.

Hussain always felt the need to help other people. His step in the donation of AED 2 million in support of needy children proved him to be a philanthropist.

His success can be as a contribution from his family as they were involved in business too. His father used to import watches, and pens for sale in his country. Sajwani graduated from Washington University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics has been among the lucky students to get a scholarship.

He joined Abu Dhabi Oil Company after completing his degree where he worked for a while then resigned to start his own catering business. His new business was running pretty well as he manned it himself and had what it pertains for one to run a business. Hussain was able to meet new people in the business industry at large. The US military and Bechtel were a few, to name them, of the large number of customers he had. Later on is when he started his new company which he named it DAMAC Properties. This exposed Hussain Sajwani to the global business market.

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