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Ian King Shines Some Light On What Banyan Hill Publishing Has To Offer

Ian King is a cryptocurrency expert, investor, and contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing. He knows that Banyan Hill Publishing is growing rapidly and is adding new experts to every day. The company is gaining respect quickly as an independent source of information related to investing that is not connected to Wall Street, and their publication now has more than 400,000 daily readers. Banyan Hill Publishing was created and launched in 1998 and started out as The Sovereign Society. The website became known as a go-to-place for information related to investing and trading. In 2016, the website was rebranded to focus exclusively on offering advice to average Americans who look to become better investors, and it has done a great job. Read more at affiliatedork.com to learn more.

Ian King Banyan, who helps advise on cryptocurrency related investing matters, has commented on the fact that investors, in today’s world, can choose to trust a financial advisor who will give them generic information without assisting them in any way directly all while charging them lots of money, or they can trust their own studies and knowledge to make the right investments. Neither of these options are great, but he points out there is a third option, and that option is to listen to trusted, experienced advisors who have made plenty of money on their own in the investment world. He has commented that reading through the information on Banyan Hill’s website or through their publications is just like looking over the shoulder of your very own investment expert.

Ian King knows that many investors are tired of the same old advice and that if they want fresh advice, that may sometimes seem unorthodox, they should check out Banyan Hill Publishing. The contributors at Banyan Hill come from a wide range of investing disciplines, and this means people get their very own look into specific aspects of investing they might not be able to without them. The team at Banyan Hill Publishing consists of Paul Mampilly; who specializes in growth investing; tech; and small-cap stocks, Matt Badiali; who is a natural resource investment specialist with a knack for traveling all over the world to take a closer look at his investments, Jeff Yastine; who has more than twenty years of experience in investing in the stock market and financial journalism, Ted Bauman; who is a trained economist, and, of course, Ian King; who works to clear up the confusion about investing in cryptocurrencies. Read more: https://cryptoprofitsummit.com/my-private-conversation-with-crypto-expert-ian-king/


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