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Ian King’s Soaring Strategy

A current cryptocurrency trader who has been trading in the financial markets for the past 20 years! Yes, that’s Ian King! Quit impressive. Anyone involved in this industry has taken advice from Investopedia at one point in their career, and Ian as risen to the top of the website’s list of contributors. He also invented a program that helps people understand cryptocurrencies like ripple, bitcoin, litecoin, etc. In 2017 he joined Banyan Hill and is currently creating a crypto trading course and investment advisory for Banyan Hill’s readers. He claims of a patent-pending strategy that is able to identify cryptos before they surge. He attracts a lot of attention; he had 10,000 people sign to watch “Crypto Profit Summit” in which he spoke about cryptocurrency. He is very optimistic about crypto and he says that with the market crash over the past few weeks, now is the time to start investing and potentially making a fortune. What’s impressive with Ian is that he has a lot of experience in trading: he’s worked at Salomon Brothers in the mortgage bond trading department, at Citigroup and as a head trader at a New York-based hedge fund that made 339% total return during one of the worst years in the financial market, 2008. He claims that other people who claim to be experts are doing so during bull markets, which are very easy to claim success to, but Ian has been through many bull and bear markets, which has provided him with great experience. Ian was originally a crypto skeptic but he realized that there isn’t a lot of physical cash and most money is already digital. He claims that the US government is continuously printing more money, which erodes the value of the dollar, but that is not the case with crypto, which has a limit on how much can be mined. For instance, bitcoin can only be mined up to 21 million units. Ian doesn’t disagree on the volatility of crypto but he believes that crypto is a great place to store your money: markets are open 24 hours a day, cryptocurrencies are liquid-based and can be accessed from a smartphone, PC or tablet. If anyone is willing to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency market, they should try implementing Ian’s strategy that identifies cryptos before they soar.

Learn more:https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-thrives-against-all-odds/


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