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Jack of All Trades: Meet Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is taking the Canadian beer scene by storm as the craft brewery trend continues to expand. Steamboat Brewery is one of the longest standing breweries in Canada and is led by Gershkovitch as CEO, brewmaster, and innovator set on taking the Canadian craft brew scene to new levels (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6457149/).


In the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship, Canada impressed with a wide-variety of high-quality beers, taking home 24 medals. Steamboat Brewery impressed the judges with several high-performing brews.


Eli Gershkovitch leads Steamboat Brewery with a calm and steady hand, his motto is “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you.” This motto is tried and true in other economic models and has caused Eli to take the operations and focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Eli plans to keep the company at the forefront of the craft breweries by making changes to operating model and products as needed to keep pace with the ever-changing Canadian beer market.


The Canadian craft brewery industry has reached all-time heights. Dozens of new breweries continue to pop-up in Ontario, British Columbia, and other populated areas of Canada, and while most of these breweries fail within the first year there are a handful of breweries that introduce innovative or new products that make their mark on the industry.


Steamboat Breweries, led by Eli Gershkovitch, competes on quality, price, and quantity. What started as a small pub in Vancouver in 1995 has now expanded to seat over 750 in the original pub, launched multiple bars and restaurants throughout Vancouver that sell Steamboat exclusively, and the continued investment is seen through the growth and brand recognition of the Steamboat products throughout Canada, especially in Vancouver (AffiliateDork). The Steamboat brand has become a staple of the Vancouver tourist and local scene and is considered a true staple of the culture. Eli promised that this company would always express freedom to him and he would not be swayed by profits as his only motive, he has retained complete control of his company and uses his profits to fuel the expansion of Steamboat as well as increase the size of his classic car collection.

More at http://releasefact.com/2017/12/canadas-burgeoning-craft-beer-industry-owes-a-lot-to-trailblazers-like-eli-gershkovitch/

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