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James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, TX

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital Management. James has over than thirty-two years of experience in equity and credit markets focusing largely on distressed and high- yield investments. Under James Dondero management, the Highland Capital Management has been the leader both advancing credit-focused solutions and development of collateralized loans for retail investors and institutions around the globe. Highland Capital Management products and services include CLOs institution separate accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, REITs, mutual funds, and ETFs. Mr. James is also the president and chairman of the Nextpoint Resident Trust, chairperson of NextBank capital, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding and a board member of MGM holding and Jernigan capital. He also serves on the Business Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School.
As a dedicated philanthropist, James Dondero actively promotes initiatives in veteran affairs, education, and public policy. Before founding Highland Capital Management in 1993, he was involved in establishing the GIC branch of protective life where he served as the chief investment officer and helped to raise the company from collapsing to make over two billion dollars from1989 and to 1989. From 1985 to 1989, James Dondero served as the corporate bond analyst and later as portfolio manager for American Express. He began his profession as an analyst in 1984 at Jp Morgan training initiative. James Dondero obtained his degree from the University of Virginia where he got the first class honors. He was at the school of commerce where he in majored in duo; finance and commerce. He is also a licensed public accountant and certified managerial account. He earned the right to utilize the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Mr. Dondero is a good example of what hard work and dedication can raise one’s reputation and stand in the society. Rather than use his surplus profits to satisfy himself, he has dedicated his efforts to create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for many upcoming business people. His contribution to the industry is recognized beyond borders, and he continues to expand his empire. James Dondero has provided job opportunity for people working in his companies and has demonstrated great leadership skills to those who work with him.

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