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Jason Hope Champions The Internet Of Things, Puts Tech World On Notice

Jason Hope is many things and you’d be hard pressed to be able to define them all in a single sentence. In order to keep this short and to the point, we’ll focus on who Jason Hope is as a businessman and as a futurist. Hope was born and raised in Tempe, AZ before going on to attend college at Arizona State University. After receiving his degree in finance, Hope would go on to graduate from the WP Carey School of Business with his MBA. All of this education helped to set up Jason Hope for a future in technology as one of the most inspired entrepreneurs in the industry.

Hope first rose to fame thanks to his work in the field of mobile communications. As the founder of Jawa, Hope was in the right place to capitalize on the influx of mobile technology that has become so prevalent and integral to our daily lives. With Jawa, a success, Hope had the ability to start expanding his horizons and focusing more on concepts that personally intrigued him. His naturally curious mind and affinity for research eventually led him to scope out something known as the Internet of Things. Let’s go ahead and break down the Internet of Things so that you can get an understanding of it. Read more on crunchbase.com

The Internet of Things is, perhaps, the most important and innovative field of technology currently in development. Often shortened to the acronym IoT, the Internet of Things refers to the way that our world is changing thanks to the influx of internet-connected devices in our daily lives. Jason Hope, as a dedicated futurist, saw that there was a serious real-world application in a way that far exceeded the ‘entertainment’ purposes that this technology was being developed for. After further research, Hope is of the mind that the Internet of Things could possibly become the single most important industry in the world. As a result, Hope has begun championing the topic while pushing corporations to pay serious attention to the development of it as a concept. With Hope at the helm pushing the concept, the Internet of Things continues to grow and that growth could lead to serious real-world innovation. Visit http://jasonhope.com/

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