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Jason Hope on the future of technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a writer and a commentator on latest technology trends. Jason is a huge believer in the internet of things. He has written extensively on Internet of Things on his tech blog, Tech.co. Jason refers to the Internet of Things as the biggest wave of technology to have ever hit the world. Although the technology is still in its early stages of implementation, Jason predicts that in near future, IoT will be part of everyone’s daily life. His word on the future of technology is regarded as an authority in the technological field. He accurately gives predictions on the direction new technology will take us.

What does the Internet of Things refer to? IoT, as it is commonly shortened to, is a technology that connects multiple devices such that they sync together. These devices could be anything electronic. From your car, kitchen appliances, lights, music devices among others. This technology is based on the idea that all connected devices can connect to one network and share data among themselves. In such a scenario there will be better efficiency in execution of tasks while at the same time controlling the wastages that happen in our daily lives.

The Internet of Things concept as described by Jason Hope has the potential to change the way we live and the way we go about our businesses. The efficiency that will be created by the Internet of Things is so monumental that life might not ever be the same again. IoT will give people the powers to control almost every electronic device around them remotely. The devices will also be able to interact with human beings.

Jason Hope continues to explain that going into the future all the big corporations and industries will be in competition to outdo each other on which corporation can develop the most efficient applications to be applied with this technology. Also, more and more companies will feel the pressure to adopt the technology to avoid the risk of being rendered irrelevant. The efforts and competition of these companies will push the technology even further with the advanced application of the Internet of Things being witnessed. According to Jason Hope, people will one day wake up to a world where every conceivable device can connect to another.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is passionate about technology as well as helping the community. Jason holds a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University. He also has an MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

About Jason Hope: thebrotalk.com/tech/best-new-iot-gadgets-men-according-jason-hope/

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