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JD.com Is Making A Big Move That Has The Environment In Mind


China’s own retail and e-commerce giant JD.com has announced its most recent and exciting news. This is the fact that the company that currently ranks as China’s number one e-commerce business is now making an expansion to its line of eco-friendly packaging options. The e-commerce giant has been faithful to implementing green practices in their logistics network, having rolled out the Green Stream Initiative back in 2017


This expansion will make it possible for countless customers that rely on JD.com to now reuse their packing for shipping in the future. This really is an impressive move in the name of environmental sustainability on the part of JD.com. Some of the best news to come out of this massive announcement from JD is the fact that the savings generated by this program could end up exceeding 32 million RMB annually. This would occur in the case that ten percent of customers make use of this innovative new reusable packaging.


JD.com has also announced that this innovative new reusable packaging initiative will first be started off in the Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai. Shortly thereafter there will be an expansion to six other cities that will include Chengdu. Twenty cities in total will be on this program by the end of the 2018 calendar year. It will all in all be an exciting time for JD.com customers in all of these regions of the country that will now have the benefit of being able to make use of this innovative approach to environmental sustainability.


The commitment that JD.com has demonstrated over the years to take an approach that is green is well noted and the company has developed quite a reputation in this area. This newest initiative is the largest in the history of JD.com in terms of environmentally sustainable packaging and the reception to this concept has been quite a significant endorsement. It is another great step forward on the part of the company to ensure that the well being of the environment is made into a significant and consistent priority. See This Article for more information.


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