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Jeff Yastine takes on the Consumer Debt and the Stock Market

Jeff  Yastine takes on the Consumer Debt and the Stock Market

As a financial expert, Jeff Yastine is positive that stock prices are going to shoot shortly. However, there is one issue that he feels should be addressed urgently and that is consumer debts. In most instances, consumer debts come in primary forms of credit card, student loans, and car loans.

These debts are going to bring about an impact of expiration dates probably before the rise of the stocks in the market. According to a proxy study by the walletHub.com one of the credit cards sites, it was revealed that Americans usually hold more than $1 trillion debts through their credit cards even before the third quarter of every year. Although such figure might fail to raise the alarm to ordinary citizens, Mr. Jeff Yastine is focused on helping them make out a clear meaning from this. Thus, he has further broken down these figures and found out that every American household holds approximately $8,600 through their credit cards. See more of Jeff Yastine on facebook.


This study implies that currently, Americans are more oppressed by debts when compared to ten years ago and this trend promise to be more poised in future. This means that as the Americans continue to settle their bills through credit card and other loaning services, bursting bubbles will be inevitable in a few years to come. In turn, a good number of Americans will face some challenges when making payments to settle their bills. However, Mr. Jeff Yastine has helped investors to make significant returns from the growing consumer debts. He advocates that if an investor invests in the debt collection stocks, the outcome will be impressive.

Who is Jeff Yastine

Education and Work experience

Jeff is a proficient editor of the total wealth insider. He joined forces with this firm from 2015, where he brought in a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a stock exchange investor as well as an economic journalist. His financial reporting has helped investors establish new ventures and have warned them against negative marketing trends that can cause losses. Besides being a successful entrepreneur and economic analysis, Mr. Jeff is also a certified scholar. As such, he is a degree holder in business administration and telecommunication from the University of Florida. Read more: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/jeff-yastine-recommends-three-amazon-competitors-investors/



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