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Juan ‘OG’ Perez, Jay-Z, And Crew Spend $91,000 On Champagne For OG Juan’s 50th?! Wait, What?!

After a controversial night club tab, a receipt totalling 91,000 bucks, and the birthday of the century, the social media platforms lit up with comments ranging from support to outrage. What was the fuss about? Jay-Z and his sidekick, Juan ‘OG’ Perez. For Juan’s 50th birthday bash, Jay-Z ‘partied like a rock star’ with his crew and ran the tab for nearly a hundred thousand. With champagne flowing and music blasting, the party raged on and Juan OG Perez had a night I’m certain will be remembered both fondly and controversially.

The two friends met in ’96, and they agree their connection was instant. Both hailing from New York, enjoying same entertainment, and a mutual love of sports gave them plenty in common. Juan OG Perez has been behind the scenes making magic happen while the mega famous Jay Z was doing what he does best, entertain the masses.

The true intent behind the seemingly wasteful spending is under a magnifying glass. It just so happens that the 40 bottles of champagne that was purchased throughout the night, was Jay-Z’s very own brand. Ace of Spades was acquired in 2014 by the notorious rapper, and in keeping the brand flowing at the bash, handing the bubbly out to other patrons at the club, he was giving out free samples of his champagne. With the proceeds going directly back into Jay-Z’s pockets. Beyond that, the social media spotlight on the ‘frivolous spending’ accusations, to the contrary in fact–a well-planned effort to gain free advertising.

However, that ‘conspiracy theory’ is just that, a theory. It’s true, there was in fact a photo taken by a hostess of a ridiculous receipt, that did in fact go viral, and did in fact, get an obscene amount of attention on his brand. Was it ALL deliberate and a master-plan? Who really knows, but the facts remain the same. Juan OG Perez received a birthday bash with his good friends, popped bottles like bosses, and left a phenomenal 11,000 dollar tip. Juan OG Perez and Jay Z have been friends and partners in business for over two decades. With numerous business ventures, a fast friendship, and apparently an offensive amount of alcohol, the duo continue to shock the public with their antics, and make a fistful of cash doing it.

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