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Kerrisdale’s Capital Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi, a Chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. He has been the firm developer since 2009 when the organization was founded. The organization has been mainly focusing on situations that are driven by events that are having a long-term investment as their value and they should also be special cases too. In his career period, Sahm Adrangi also worked for Longacre management Fund where he played the role of being an investment analyst. He also worked for Bankruptcy Recruiting Group whose location was in Chanin capital partner. He was their creditor’s adviser in the organization. He once did recruitment, acted and assigned where he was the one handling the bank debtors together with bondholders. In the bank, he was the most preferred equity committee because he was able to distress the creditors and the companies that went bankrupt.

In addition to his career list, Sahm Adrangi worked for Deutsche Bank as a finance leverage. He helped while in the bank to syndicate structure the non-investment and by that, he was able to bring high yield bonds to the bank which was including financing of the leveraged buyout and it is in chapter 11 of the debt refinancing and can also be found in exit financings.

When Sahm Adrangi was a youth, he attended Yale University to garner formal education and the university awarded him with a degree of Arts in Economics.

The private investment manager from Kerrisdale capital Investment went for a report publication which was naturally negative where he tried to make some explanations about the short position which was at Eastman Kodak company. What the complaint was about was the claim about the 187 percent rise in the stock. This was after there was an announcement about having a partnership where blockchain was to be launched and it could enable photo-centric cryptocurrency together with the licensing of platform image. Kerrisdale had also believed in the announcement of being hollow and meant to attempt in withdrawing ICO craze which was having nothing to do with the unsustainable capital and the poor fundamentals which were of the offset kodaks.

Kerrisdale company had a short position in the company where the company got benefit after the share price lowered. The matter was to be discussed in a meeting.


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