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Learn How Gregory Aziz Has Contributed to the Car Manufacturing Industry

National Steel Car is one of the most reputable manufacturing companies when it comes to manufacturing tank cars and railroad freight. The company is based in North America and it is committed to manufacturing quality engineering products. It has done this excellently for over 100 years now. The company’s CEO, James Aziz, says the company has become more innovative, diverse, dynamic and value-driven through his leadership. He says the company has been working hard to raise its bar by giving itself some challenges to handle. Gregory has helped the company to thrive in the rail industry through unmatched efficiency. He notes that the company has managed to build railcars of the highest quality.

National Steel Car has achieved a lot in the past but Gregory James Aziz says he doesn’t focus on what the company achieved yesterday. He is always focused on what the customers are after and the excellence the company hasn’t discovered yet. It focuses on maintaining its position as the leading company in railcar manufacturing. Gregory J Aziz is not only the CEO of the car manufacturing and engineering companies in Hamilton but also the President and Chairman. He was born in London on 30th April 1949. Before Gregory went to Western Ontario University for his study in economics, he had first attended Ridley College.


He joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business his family owned in 1971. Within the 16 years Gregory Aziz worked there, he helped his family business to import fresh foods worldwide to places such as South America, Central America, Eastern Canada, and Europe. Around the late 1980s, Gregory worked in various investment banking institutions in New York until early 1990s. In 1994, Dofasco sold National Steel Car to Gregory. After this, Gregory decided that he would transform this Canadian company into a top manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. View Additional Info Here.


The company used to manufacture 3,500 cars a year by the time Gregory was buying it. However, this changed and the company started to manufacture about 12,000 cars a year by 1999. This happened because of the capital and human investment Gregory brought to the company. The company also realized the unbelievable growth through the strong team-building and engineering abilities Gregory introduced. Under Greg’s leadership, the employment capacity of the company grew from 300 employees to 3,000. Gregory is married to Irene and both of them happen to sponsor a prominent agricultural fair in Canada known as Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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