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Market America, Big Things Continue to Grow for Customers and Owners

Market America is a company with a rich history. The company specializes in one-to-one marketing and is headquartered in North Carolina. Since 1992, it’s grown to incredible new heights. Currently, the shop.com website is a part of the company and draws an incredible amount of business for Market America and its “UnFranchise” business owners. The company uses this term to describe the type of marketing opportunity it offers. Owners aren’t required to put forth significant amounts of money or have a ton of liquid assets to get started, as they would be required to start a regular franchise. The owners aren’t required to own or lease any land, and the business is completely portable, meaning they can take it wherever they like, and still earn money.

Market America has a unique offering on shop.com. The website offers cash back to its customers. The owners also make money from the cash back benefit. By creating new business owners, the owners earn residual income from a verticle marketing strategy, which is unique to Market America. There is much information available so that owners and future owners can get a grasp of the concept, in easy to understand terms that make sense. The company also has the benefit of not only offering its own products but also offering products from major retailers on its website. Offerings such as doorstep grocery delivery, are hugely beneficial to busy customers.

Market American has also gained respect from the better business bureau. The company, along with shop.com, has earned the “Torch Award,” and an “A+” rating. This is impressive, as large organizations with independent owners often have difficulty making the grade. The company is also endorsed by many celebrities, some of who even performed at the companies 25th-anniversary event. Future plans are big and even include working with Amazon Alexa to make shopping even more convenient. It’s a great time to check out Market America, and the many great opportunities they offer as a customer and an owner.

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