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OSI Food Solutions: A Global Food Processing Industry Powerhouse

OSI Food Solutions is an American food production company that is continuing its relentless international growth. In an era when most people have no idea where the food in their supermarket or restaurant originates, its important to know that a trustworthy company like this one is a major player in the global food production industry. Even though it’s a global company, the ingredients they use are often locally sourced. This is one of the incredibly important reasons this food production company has continued to ascend no matter the problems with the global, regional or local economy.

The Aurora, Illinois based OSI Food Solutions was established in 1909. Many people have eaten the food this company produces without realizing it. The company has been providing beef patties to McDonald’s throughout the United States since the 1950s. The company has also packaged and sold meat to restaurants, supermarkets and for private brands in the Midwest for many years. But when Sheldon Lavin took over the company in the 1980s, he immediately began to expand global reach. OSI Food Solutions now has a presence in 85 countries around the world.

The company is known for its strict production standards, innovation in the creation of delicious, nutritious food products and effective environmental management practices. Its ability to work with foreign governments and local suppliers to meet and exceed food production requirements has enabled OSI Food Solutions to develop products that are in great demand worldwide. The British Safety Council is so impressed with their environmental stewardship they have given the company their Globe of Honor three times. They have also received awards in many other countries.

Asia was targeted for OSI Food Solutions’ expansion efforts. The company has been building poultry facilities in China for two decades. They also have food processing facilities in Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and India. To increase its customer base on the European continent, the company has built facilities in Spain, Hungary and Poland. They have also made inroads into Holland by purchasing Baho Foods which has factories in the Netherlands and Germany. The company also acquired Flagship Europe, a UK based company and added millions of customers.

OSI Food Solutions also has factories in Australia, Mexico and Brazil. It has continued to increase its production capability in the United States by acquiring Amick Farms and a Chicago based food production facility formally owned by Tyson Foods.

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