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OSI Group is a Top Food Processor Around the World

The wide range of expertise and resources that food processor OSI Group brings to bear on any project make them one of the best companies to partner with regarding the development of unique food products. They have deep resources on several continents and are fully capable of producing quality foods and helping with the creative phase as they work with top retail food brands.

The leadership team of OSI Group includes CEO Sheldon Lavin who has been integral in helping them chart a path of growth over the years. He has been in place for several decades assuming ownership when the original family retired from the business. His vision for growth was global in scope and included a strong dash of entrepreneurialism. This has enabled them to serve their clients more efficiently with greater innovation.

One example of their growing capabilities is their recent purchase of Dutch food company Baho Food. Baho operates in Germany and the Netherlands which helps OSI Group increase their presence in Europe. This company has a 60-year history of producing deli meats and other convenience foods. David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group and articulated that he was pleased with the acquisition believing that Baho’s strengths nicely complement their current operations.

Another example of the growth of OSI Group is their expansion in Chicago where they acquired the former Tyson Foods plant. This purchase adds 200,000 square feet of production capacity to their global operations. Another positive regarding the purchase was its close proximity to their other facilities in the city. Furthermore, it deepens their infrastructure and supports continued growth for the company.

OSI Group continues to grow globally in a responsible manner as they take sustainability issues very seriously. In all of their operations, they consider carefully their impact on the environment and implement sound practices as a result. The British Safety Council has taken note of their commitment and awarded them the Globe of Honour for efforts. This is for groups that display excellence in environmental management and is only awarded to a handful of companies.

The employees of OSI Group are regularly recognized as the driving force of their success. The company encourages their workers to show initiative and innovation as they go about their jobs. They are encouraged to develop their skills and talents to their utmost and they are a big reason why OSI Group continues to be a world leader in food processing.

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