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Over 100 Years Of Growth And Success For OSI Industries

OSI Industries has experienced over 100 years of growth and success in the food solutions industry. The global leader in food processing started in 1909. The company began as a quaint meat market in Oak Park Illinois. The meat shop was named Otto & Sons, nobly after its founder Otto Kolschowsky-a German immigrant. The humble meat market gained a robust reputation for providing choice, quality meat in the Chicago region. Over the years, the company carved out a niche in the food supply industry that sets a precedence for quality, longevity, and consistency.

By 1955, OSI Industries reached a milestone by establishing a long-term business relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. The national food chain enlisted OSI as their main source for ground beef patties. As the business grew, their production capabilities also progressed. In 1973, OSI opened its first plant in West Chicago and later changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975. OSI Industries maintained focus on their production capabilities. The food company set its attention on opening another national world-class meat processing facility. They added a production site in West Jordan, Utah.

Soon, in 1978, OSI Industries expanded into Europe, and then ambitiously aimed at building their footprint across the map in some capacity. Over the years, the company deepened its international presence, touching such countries as Spain, Brazil, Taiwan, Austria, Philippines, Mexico, Hungary, India, China, UK, and Japan. OSI Industries gained creative experience, a broader food portfolio, and a more diverse client-base through global ventures. The food processing company attained over 65 fully equipped processing sites globally.

In 2016, OSI Industries boldly took on powerful acquisitions nationally, and internationally. Among these was the purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch producer of deli meats, snacks, and convenience shop goods. The Dutch company delivered food processing services out of both Germany and Netherlands. Baho Food has five strong subsidiaries that have been in business for about six decades. The Dutch conglomerate rendered services strictly in the European region. The acquisition with OSI allowed the international company’s managing team to remain intact. Furthermore, it creates a strengthened customer scope as well as expanded food capabilities for both business counterparts.

OSI Industries of Aurora, Illinois is indelibly noted as one of America’s top 100 companies. It has over 20,000 talented employees across 17 countries globally. The company is a leader in processing and delivering top quality customized food under superlative operational standards. The industry leader was listed #58 on the Forbes listing for America’s largest private companies in 2016, with over $6.1 billion in annual sales. OSI has admired seniority and exultation rolled into100 years of greatness.

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