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July 10, 2018
by Administrator

Ted Bauman On Possible Scenarios In Case of a Crash

Worried or confused about the stock market? Many people do not know what to expect and are confused about what they should do in the case of a stock market crash. Here are some tips and advice from Ted Bauman on what to do in such a case.

The first effect is that the stocks would simply return to their original ratio. The fact is that many stocks are overvalued. Many earnings ratios are higher than they should be. A stock market crash may simply be a correction in order to return the stocks to their original situations.

However, there is another scenario as well, and that is that the stock market may not only return to the original ratio but that it may actually rise. This is known as a rise and bounce. Many times, after a crash occurs, what happens next is a rise in stocks. The reason for this is that many investors start buying stocks in the hope of buying stocks at a discount before they go up again. As more and more people do that, the stocks do in fact go up, leading to a general rise in prices. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg.

Ted Bauman also offers some tips on how to avoid risks. He says that you should focus on stocks that have a low volatility to avoid losing a large percentage of your portfolio all at one time. In addition, he says that you should not focus on making a lot of money in a short amount of time, as that is not likely to happen. Instead, you should focus on slowly growing your portfolio while at the same time minimizing your risk. One way to do that, says Ted Bauman, is to diversify your stocks and always choose a wide variety of stocks. This way, even if one stock goes down, the others may go up or remain stable.

Finally, always listen to the advice of an expert. Ted Bauman himself releases a newsletter with expert advice that has helped many people gain nice profits in the stock market and avoid losing their money during financial stress.

Read this article: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman


July 6, 2018
by Administrator

Looking at Peter Briger’s career within the financial industry

For the married father of four, Peter Briger has come a long way from where he began after completing university in 1987. He was at Princeton University, where he did his associate, bachelor of Arts Degree. His first job was at Goldman Sachs. Here he would work for a total of fifteen years overseeing various investment funds within the organization and culminate in him being named partner in ’96. His growth at Goldman Sachs was in big part assisted by his ability to manage different portfolios and his keen interest on the Asian market at a time when it had become one of the best investment destinations in the world. He would oversee The Asian Management Committee which was tasked with making the major decisions on the Asian market for Goldman Sachs.

This was in addition to the Global Control and Compliance Committee, which had a relatively broader mandate as it covered the other region too.At the time one of Goldman’s most important markets was Japan and to be able to keep up they established the Japan Executive Committee where Peter Briger was a member. These committees would only be part of his roles at the organization as he was also tasked with overseeing the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business division, which was in charge of the credit facilities offered to most businesses by the organization.The Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business and the Special Opportunities Fund for Asian would also be assigned to Peter Briger given his previous experiences at the various Committees.

His overall leadership capabilities would be tested when he took on Co-Chairing the Asian Distressed Debt Business on of the most tasking roles at Goldman. In 2002 he was brought in by Fortress Investment group. The group was eager to establish a credit department, which would be responsible for overseeing the Groups vision of credit line growth. Today Peter Briger has managed to steer his department to become one of the best performing within the organization and is currently the Co-CEO of the group. His experience with debt and credit has been very key in the way the organization is currently led and going forward his knowledge on the subject can just grow.

July 1, 2018
by Administrator

Juan ‘OG’ Perez, Jay-Z, And Crew Spend $91,000 On Champagne For OG Juan’s 50th?! Wait, What?!

After a controversial night club tab, a receipt totalling 91,000 bucks, and the birthday of the century, the social media platforms lit up with comments ranging from support to outrage. What was the fuss about? Jay-Z and his sidekick, Juan ‘OG’ Perez. For Juan’s 50th birthday bash, Jay-Z ‘partied like a rock star’ with his crew and ran the tab for nearly a hundred thousand. With champagne flowing and music blasting, the party raged on and Juan OG Perez had a night I’m certain will be remembered both fondly and controversially.

The two friends met in ’96, and they agree their connection was instant. Both hailing from New York, enjoying same entertainment, and a mutual love of sports gave them plenty in common. Juan OG Perez has been behind the scenes making magic happen while the mega famous Jay Z was doing what he does best, entertain the masses.

The true intent behind the seemingly wasteful spending is under a magnifying glass. It just so happens that the 40 bottles of champagne that was purchased throughout the night, was Jay-Z’s very own brand. Ace of Spades was acquired in 2014 by the notorious rapper, and in keeping the brand flowing at the bash, handing the bubbly out to other patrons at the club, he was giving out free samples of his champagne. With the proceeds going directly back into Jay-Z’s pockets. Beyond that, the social media spotlight on the ‘frivolous spending’ accusations, to the contrary in fact–a well-planned effort to gain free advertising.

However, that ‘conspiracy theory’ is just that, a theory. It’s true, there was in fact a photo taken by a hostess of a ridiculous receipt, that did in fact go viral, and did in fact, get an obscene amount of attention on his brand. Was it ALL deliberate and a master-plan? Who really knows, but the facts remain the same. Juan OG Perez received a birthday bash with his good friends, popped bottles like bosses, and left a phenomenal 11,000 dollar tip. Juan OG Perez and Jay Z have been friends and partners in business for over two decades. With numerous business ventures, a fast friendship, and apparently an offensive amount of alcohol, the duo continue to shock the public with their antics, and make a fistful of cash doing it.

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June 29, 2018
by Administrator

Ted Bauman Offers Investment Advice Not Available From Wall Street Through Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman is one of the contributors of Banyan Hill Publishing. This publication provides a better alternative to protecting and growing the wealth of investors. It boasts of offering financial investment information that is not available from Wall Street. Banyan Hill Publishing is composed of a team of world renowned financial experts who share the financial strategies they used in building and protecting their own wealth.

Being a trained economist, it would be natural for Ted Bauman to join the Banyan Hill team of financial experts in 2013. After his economics training in the United States, he migrated to South Africa in the middle of the 1980s. There, he involved himself in the country’s implementation and development of its post-apartheid urbanization and economic policy. Ted Bauman also worked as a consultant to various organizations including the United Nations and different European and African governments during the 1990s through the 2000s. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

The financial experts at Banyan Hill, including Ted Bauman, function as hedge managers. All of them have traveled the world; helped millions of people manage their financial futures, have written best sellers about finance, and gave financial advice to world leaders. They all have backgrounds in financial planning, business management, and technical analysis enabling them to offer insights that can help investors achieve a greater level of financial success without suffering any negative risk.

Banyan Hill Publishing boasts that its readership has already reached more than 400,000 daily. Its readers are relying on the advice of Ted Bauman and other financial experts to help them determine investment opportunities that has the potential of growing their wealth. This site is focused on income-generating investments, mid-cap and small-cap stocks, overly undervalued U.S. companies, natural resources, options plays and commodities.

The financial strategies offered by the financial experts at Banyan Hill may be unorthodox. If they are compared to the old unimaginative advice given by the mainstream financial experts in the news media, the advice provided by the Banyan Hill experts are really unusual. But they do present new opportunities which are known only to very few investors. This is what makes them more profitable.

Investors who are really after guaranteed results may consider Banyan Hill Publishing as an attractive alternative to mainstream financial advisers. The name Banyan was not chosen for no reason at all. Banyan Hill is just like the Banyan tree that offers support that can help investors weather the financial storms that periodically lashes at the financial markets. Visit: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/

June 27, 2018
by Administrator

Ted Bauman; Choosing the Right Investment Dockets

Ted Bauman; Choosing the Right Investment Dockets

When you get closer to your retirement age, you will realize that it is easier to concentrate on your savings more than anything else. This is entirely related to the fact that you need to have a stress less retirement moment. To be safe when such moments hit you, consider working with an investment manager who understands your current and future needs. Ted Bauman is one such person who has been helping people to make the right investment decision not only in their youth but in their peak years as well.

A Look into Ted Bauman Contribution to Investment

For years, Ted has worked hard to accomplish much in research as well as writing business. Coupled with the vast experience he has garnered over the years, it is clear that he is worth the attention he is now receiving from different investors who need the kind of advice he provides. Perhaps you will better understand him when you realize that he offers low-risk investment strategies to help his clients live to their expectations. Moreover, he is well versed with migration issues and uses the same platform of business to help those who are stranded. Visit Ted Bauman at thesovereigninvestor.com to know more.


Besides being a skilled investor, Bauman loves people. For that reason, he is always caught up in their lives with the sole purpose of helping them to find viable solutions not only in their businesses but also in their lives. For Ted Bauman, there is more to life than creating wealth. In fact, wealth creation to him lies in being able to make the right decision in terms of resource allocation. In the long run, he is more interested in helping his clients to accumulate more profits in businesses and other dockets.


With that said, Bauman did not just wake up to better days in life. He worked hard to acquire the skills he now uses to help others. For instance, he moved to South Africa in the 1980s. While there, he worked on developing his career by joining the University of Cape Town where he majored in history as well as economics. After school, he landed significant job opportunities as a consultant in different companies including the United Nations. Over the years, he explored different fields of investment including the government. That enabled him to grasp the atmospheric conditions of businesses in South Africa. Later into the years, Ted Bauman relocated to America and joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he now serves as the editor of The Sovereign Investor Daily.

The Observation

The Sovereign Investor Daily is a newsletter that offers information on how to invest in different businesses with the main focus on acquiring life’s goals. With Bauman’s leadership, the newsletter has changed many people’s lives. Follow: https://twitter.com/TedBaumanGuru



June 25, 2018
by Administrator

How Felipe Montoro Jens Earned a Name in the Corporate World

Some people excel in the corporate world while others fail. Many people keep wondering why they fail in the corporate world despite having adequate capital to venture there. They hardly know that experience is the determining factor. If you have adequate experience, you can easily thrive in the corporate world. A company or business can fail on its mandate or create an unforgettable impact on the consumers based on the experience of the leaders. When most companies want to recruit individuals with matchless experience, they integrate a talent acquisition process that is extensive. Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the talented individuals the corporate world has ever had.

Montoro is a corporate leader with exceptional experience in Brazil. His career started at a junior position, but he kept growing it. All he knew was that he would be a top corporate leader one day though he didn’t know how this would be. Although he understood that the availability of management positions and promotions are not easy to predict, he kept his vision intact. His hard work impressed many clients and employers in any place he worked. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, it didn’t matter where he had to start, but he could see bright days of his career from a distance. Read more about Jens at baptista.com

He ended up working in the lucrative corporate world just as he had dreamt about it. He had developed great curiosity in knowing the operations of these large corporations. He went to Getulio Vargas Foundation and graduated with a bachelor degree in business. He then went to the Thunderbird Global Management School for another degree. The level of his academic knowledge has seen him serve in different positions in some of South America’s renowned corporations.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been the Chief Executive Officer in corporations such as Empresa de Generacion Huallaga, ConcessionariaTravase Olmos, Ac Energia SA, and ConcessionariaInteroceania. He is also a board member at Concessionaria Centro Administrativo, Foz do Brasil SA, and San Antonio Energia SA. Having held such powerful positions in the corporate world, Montoro has become an influential executive leader in South America. He is still a goal driven professional despite his many accomplishments. View: https://ideamensch.com/felipe-montoro-jens/


June 21, 2018
by Administrator

Know Every Natural Ingredient In Heal And Soothe


Life can be a struggle if you are suffering from chronic pain on daily basis. Majority of those suffering from such as condition just hide the condition instead of finding possible solutions. Those suffering from chronic pain such opt for medications that end up worsening the condition. Good news to such people is that Heal and Soothe is pleased to offer a long-lasting solution. The oral supplement is known to offer alternative to the traditional pain-relieving treatments. It is also all natural and does not include a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine.



Heal and Soothe is dedicated to offering help to people suffering from the inflammation associated with arthritis. The oral supplement has extracts from herbs, trees and fruits has its ingredients and they naturally inhibit pain and inflammation. The advent of the oral supplement is due to the desire and drive of Living Well Nutraceuticals to offer people a means to reduce pain naturally.



When using this supplement, one does not have to endure any side effects. It works in a simple manner whereby the body gets the enzymes that help reduce pain. Heal and Soothe incorporates ingredients such as turmeric and ginger. The enzyme formula also combines with Boswellia and rutin extracts with other compounds to reduce back pain without any side effects. Enzymes in the oral supplements can also destroy scar tissues and give the affected area a nice look. Enzymes reduce inflammation by canceling out the bio-chemicals of inflammation. See Related Link for more information.



Many users of Heal and Soothe have been able to make easy decisions to use this oral supplement thanks to the trust they have built around Living Well Nutraceuticals. The company has been offering users information about ingredients used to make this supplement. Hence, they know exactly what they are using. Every ingredient in the supplement has been researched and scientifically verified to work against inflammation and reduce pain.



The supplement does not have any animal products or shellfish. Ginger and turmeric have health benefits that most users are away of. Other all-natural ingredients in the oral supplement include vitamin E, L-Glutathione, Serrazimes, Bromelain, citrus bioflavonoid and papain to name but a few. To try this oral supplement, you can get a membership in the Heal and Soothe Monthly Smartship Program. The program offers members a 30-day free supply of 90 pills.



Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe

June 21, 2018
by Administrator

Paul Herdsman’s Focus On Employees

Paul Herdsman is a man who takes great pride in what he does for a living. He has the great qualities of a leader and has seen strong success. He is currently Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global. This company is designed to help business find solutions to benefit their clients. The website Weekly Opinion recently published an article; Lessons From Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman which talks about what lessons people can take away from Paul Herdsman’s rise to success.


NICE Global is a company that provides support to smaller businesses. They improve customer retention rates, profit boost, technology support, and an in-person phone customer support team to partner companies. Paul Herdsman was very smart about how he put his company together. Herdsman focuses on aspects involving the employees. It prefers to hire positive people who will contribute to not only the company, but the entire team. Having family first in mind is a strong belief for Paul Herdsman.


One of the best things a company can do for new employees is train them. It will be a lot more effective in the long term if they know what they’re doing from day 1. Another idea for the workplace is create a reward system for employees that produce good work. This concept encourages an increase work quality. A boss would also be wise to know its employees on personal level. Knowing their positions can go a long way in bringing out the best work potential.


There are few businessmen like Paul Herdsman who treat their employees like people. He puts an incredible amount of time into selecting who he chooses to hire. NICE Global is performing work to help small business hold their own in such a competitive climate. NICE Global has created a strong network connection that spans the entire country.


Paul Herdsman is an inspiration of a businessman, and will no doubt mold the next generation of entrepreneurs.



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June 17, 2018
by Administrator

Igor Cornelsen’s opportune decision

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian-born entrepreneur who studied at the Federal University of Parana. At first he enrolled at the university to pursue a degree in engineering but later he changed to pursue economics where his interest was. In 1970, he graduated with and immediately started his career as an investment banker.

Within a spur of time, his exemplary performance at the Multibancos comes on the limelight. He would commute daily to Rio where he worked as an investment banker. Eventually, he emerged as the best of the 1970 graduates’ cohort and consequentially he got a promotion to the Multibancos board of directors in 1974. Within two years, he became the chief executive of the banker.

In 1978 when the Bank of America acquired Multibanco,he left Multibanco where he landed a job in Unibanco. He worked until 1985 when he got a job at Libra Bank PLC. His new job was quite challenging because he received payments in U.S dollars. However, it availed a wide range of investment opportunities. Soon he started representing his native Brazil on the board of directors at the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He worked for on the board for seven years where he made his name as a result of intuitive and extensive knowledge in the field.

Currently, he works as an investment advisor. According to Igor Cornelsen, his work day starts at dawn in Sao Paulo. Then, he looks global news to study economies of companies to adapt his fund portfolio accordingly. Sometimes he attends meetings along with his friends to know their opinions. Once he has considered the economies of different countries, he invests assets in the countries whose economy is improving and sell assets on nations whose economy is deteriorating.

As an entrepreneur, he obtains direct information from Reuters. He believes that information from the analysis made by other investors may be biased. This practice has made him more productive in the investment industry. Igor Cornelsen reported that in 2007 he made a critical mistake as an entrepreneur when he closed all the positions in commodities rather than selling shares he had.

June 13, 2018
by Administrator

Boraie Development Doing Great Housing Projects across New Jersey

Real estate sector is one of the most competitive sectors across the world. Many property developers come up, but a few can withstand the competition. In New Jersey, many property developers are doing excellent work. Boraie Development is one of the companies that has proved to be reliable when it comes to housing projects. The company has a good track record and continues to do more projects transforming New Jersey. It has not been easy, but with the right team and partners, the property development company has achieved much for the time it has been operational.




Boraie Development has constructed top quality buildings in most parts of New Jersey. They develop properties that are affordable and serve housing requirements of residents and business players. In collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal; a retired NBA superstar, Boraie Development has partaken a big project in Newark city. This is one of largest housing projects in the city in the last five decades. The project is a 21 story apartment called One Rector Street. It is a project that has been appraised by many leaders including the governor and the mayor. The tower will be fully occupied by summer as pre-leasing commences on October. For more details visit NJBiz.




Boraie Development is a company determined to work with the public and private investors to make their projects a success. For that reason, they have another big project that will have 350 units on McCarter Highway. They work on this project in collaboration with O’Neal, and it will cost around $150 million. The building will be multiuse just like One Rector Street. The vice president of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie, said that these projects are just the beginning and the company has more projects for the city. Check out re-nj.com




As the leading property developer in New Jersey, Boraie Development makes sure it works with experienced and professional architects in all their projects. The company also hires professional contractors who understand deadlines and quality. On top of that, it works with leading financial institutions. The company also specializes in property marketing as well as management. Apart from working in Newark City, Boraie has many projects in Atlantic City. The city has a rising number of millennials who need proper housing as well as entertainment centers. That is why the company is developing properties that will offer enjoyment places such as big restaurants and film theatres.