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May 24, 2018
by Administrator

Tempus Co-Founder Eric Lofkofsky On The Future Of Big Data In Medicine.

Tempus is one of the hottest start-ups in the city of Chicago and it has been in that position for the better part of the past three years. Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, an entrepreneur who specializes in big data, back in 2015. The company’s core goal was to create a conduit for molecular data and cancer care research to be funneled into a single database. The goal of this project, according to Lefkofsky, was to use big data as a path to identifying trends in effective care within the population of patients suffering from cancer.

Eric Lefkofksky rose to fame with his work at Groupon but he has been single-minded in his pursuit of making Tempus a mainstay in the medical world. After having seen what it is like to be within the cancer treatment system, Lefkofsky knew that his work with Tempus was extremely important. Tempus’ own faith in the project notwithstanding, it appears that other big financial providers are looking to help prop the company up for the long run. Tempus recently surpassed the $1.1 billion evaluation mark which makes it one of the few Chicago based startups to reach the vaunted Unicorn status that is so hard to acquire.

Lefkofsky has focused on allowing Tempus to connect with not just doctors and drug companies, but hospitals as well. Lefkofsky points to their success reaching to these different parts of the market while citing it as a fundamental shift in paradigm of things. Lefkofsky says of Tempus’ traction that things have been ‘kind of amazing’ thus far.

At the time of this writing, Tempus has nearly 400 employees on their roster. However, due to Tempus’ success, the company is adding nearly 30 new employees every single month to keep up with the work that they are doing. RIght now Tempus is focused on collecting molecular data of patients that are undergoing treatment and this comes in many shapes and forms. Tempus works with digital information but it can also be used to scan and port in physical information, such as handwritten doctor’s notes. With any luck, the Tempus database can lead to very real change in the cancer care world.

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May 22, 2018
by Administrator

Matt Badiali and The Freedom Checks Model

Freedom Checks refers to a term created out of thin air by Matt Badiali meaning investing in Master Limited Partnership companies (MLP). An MLP is a unique firm structure that rewards investors with a quarterly or monthly return on investment. Freedom Checks is a legitimate investing strategy. To make real cash this way, you need a significant amount of capital, so it’s not for everyday investors with only a few bucks to spare.

According to Ted Bauman, the Bauman Letter’s editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, investing in MLP corporations is all about purchasing units of a particular company and getting a return on investment every year based of the performance of the companies. So you’re becoming a shareholder or a unit-holder of a given firm expecting the company will perform well. This form of investment is similar to the way stock dividends work. The only exception is that some tax benefits and other differences as well with this mode. Visit Ted Bauman at medium.com to know more

These firms distribute a minimum of 90% of their entire revenue to the investors. However, they do not pay taxes like most companies nor do the shareholders who get this income. Ted Bauman explains that the income tax on the investor’s earnings is only payable when selling any of your shares. Having understood the basics of this model, the critical thing to do is to select the right firms to invest your money. If you want to make some good returns, this is where the freedom check by Matt Badiali comes into play. He narrows down for you the best companies to invest in to enjoy a good profit.

Ted Bauman explains that these firms control or own more than $1billion in raw materials. Notably, natural resources like gas, minerals, oil, core metals, timber and precious metals such as silver and gold. These MLP companies usually pay out roughly 5 to 10% of your investment every year, which they pay out on a quarterly or monthly basis, which appears to be around the average returns for many Master Limited Partnership companies.

Matt Badiali has been researching on natural resources for over 20 years and is widely known as an expert in the energy, mining and agriculture industries. According to Matt, with the massive reduction in imported oil from the Middle East, and a significant increase in gas and oil production in the US because of the intensified growth, these companies are in a better position to generate massive returns in the coming years. This progress will enable them to pay approximately 34.6 billion dollars in freedom checks to investors in the next one year.

Read: https://medium.com/@TedBauman/is-your-portfolio-about-to-burn-to-the-ground-df79d568ff19


May 18, 2018
by Administrator

Why Brazil Has Turned To Using PPPs To Build Public Works Projects

The municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is using a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to build a number of daycares and preschools. A specialist in infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens, said that a PPP was the only realistic way these projects were going to get completed. As he explains it private companies will build, operate, and maintain these new facilities. The government will supply the teachers and also school lunches. This project will result in enough facility space to accommodate 20,000 children in daycare centers and 40,000 slots for preschool age children. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

There are currently several studies going on which are being managed by local authorities. They are being assisted by the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation as this organization has a lot of experience planning out these types of projects. Local authorities in Rio de Janeiro are looking at a similar project that was completed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in 2012. Felipe Montoro Jens says that a clear line will be drawn between the private companies maintaining and managing these education facilities and the government’s responsibility to educate the children.

The International Finance Corporation has been involved in PPP deals all over the world. Their goal is to help local authorities develop partnerships with private businesses and help expand the public service delivery of various public works projects. They help local authorities and private companies overcome the difficulties that commonly arise in these types of deals. PPPs can last for decades so it is critical everything is hammered out in detail.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that there are situations where both the state and city governments have budget restraints which means they can’t afford to build infrastructure such as daycare centers and preschools. He says that PPPs offer a great alternative so that critical services can be provided to the public that would be impossible for the government itself to build and maintain. He says that how PPPs operate in Brazil was established by a new federal law that was passed in 2004. PPPs results in those in the public sector being able to concentrate on strategic issues while private businesses manage operational and administrative details.

Visit: https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/china-disponibiliza-aos-empreendimentos-brasileiros-fundo-de-us-3-bilhoes-reporta-felipe-montoro-jens/


May 15, 2018
by Administrator

Becoming a Business Account For Market America

Market America not only recommends that people build an online Instagram presence but also advises people to build a business account. There are a lot of advantages to having an Instagram business account. These advantages are going to help people make a living from their site. They just have to learn how to engage in the community of Instagram so that they will not only be well known but also well respected. After all, people are going to buy from brands they respect in many cases compared to the ones they are annoyed by. This is one of the reasons that Market America is willing to train people on engaging the social media community.

One of the reasons that having a business account with Instagram is recommended is that it gives people a contact. People can add methods of contact and the information needed to be contacted on their profile. This is not to say that people need Instagram in order to be contacted. There are many people who set up their businesses and make their contact information known without the use of Instagram. The only thing is that they will have an easier time if they use Instagram to set everything up.

Market America users can make a ton of money from Instagram because they know how to connect with and engage the community. The methods of advertising that are suggested by Market America are sure to make sure that they gain customers without being a nuisance. Entrepreneurs can find the industries and the products they are interested in. Then they can find relevant communities to engage in and advertise in. Then they can watch as the customers come in through their link and make their purchases. They can do this with one item or a multitude of items.



May 15, 2018
by Administrator

Kerrisdale’s Capital Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi, a Chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. He has been the firm developer since 2009 when the organization was founded. The organization has been mainly focusing on situations that are driven by events that are having a long-term investment as their value and they should also be special cases too. In his career period, Sahm Adrangi also worked for Longacre management Fund where he played the role of being an investment analyst. He also worked for Bankruptcy Recruiting Group whose location was in Chanin capital partner. He was their creditor’s adviser in the organization. He once did recruitment, acted and assigned where he was the one handling the bank debtors together with bondholders. In the bank, he was the most preferred equity committee because he was able to distress the creditors and the companies that went bankrupt.

In addition to his career list, Sahm Adrangi worked for Deutsche Bank as a finance leverage. He helped while in the bank to syndicate structure the non-investment and by that, he was able to bring high yield bonds to the bank which was including financing of the leveraged buyout and it is in chapter 11 of the debt refinancing and can also be found in exit financings.

When Sahm Adrangi was a youth, he attended Yale University to garner formal education and the university awarded him with a degree of Arts in Economics.

The private investment manager from Kerrisdale capital Investment went for a report publication which was naturally negative where he tried to make some explanations about the short position which was at Eastman Kodak company. What the complaint was about was the claim about the 187 percent rise in the stock. This was after there was an announcement about having a partnership where blockchain was to be launched and it could enable photo-centric cryptocurrency together with the licensing of platform image. Kerrisdale had also believed in the announcement of being hollow and meant to attempt in withdrawing ICO craze which was having nothing to do with the unsustainable capital and the poor fundamentals which were of the offset kodaks.

Kerrisdale company had a short position in the company where the company got benefit after the share price lowered. The matter was to be discussed in a meeting.


May 14, 2018
by Administrator

OSI Group is a Top Food Processor Around the World

The wide range of expertise and resources that food processor OSI Group brings to bear on any project make them one of the best companies to partner with regarding the development of unique food products. They have deep resources on several continents and are fully capable of producing quality foods and helping with the creative phase as they work with top retail food brands.

The leadership team of OSI Group includes CEO Sheldon Lavin who has been integral in helping them chart a path of growth over the years. He has been in place for several decades assuming ownership when the original family retired from the business. His vision for growth was global in scope and included a strong dash of entrepreneurialism. This has enabled them to serve their clients more efficiently with greater innovation.

One example of their growing capabilities is their recent purchase of Dutch food company Baho Food. Baho operates in Germany and the Netherlands which helps OSI Group increase their presence in Europe. This company has a 60-year history of producing deli meats and other convenience foods. David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group and articulated that he was pleased with the acquisition believing that Baho’s strengths nicely complement their current operations.

Another example of the growth of OSI Group is their expansion in Chicago where they acquired the former Tyson Foods plant. This purchase adds 200,000 square feet of production capacity to their global operations. Another positive regarding the purchase was its close proximity to their other facilities in the city. Furthermore, it deepens their infrastructure and supports continued growth for the company.

OSI Group continues to grow globally in a responsible manner as they take sustainability issues very seriously. In all of their operations, they consider carefully their impact on the environment and implement sound practices as a result. The British Safety Council has taken note of their commitment and awarded them the Globe of Honour for efforts. This is for groups that display excellence in environmental management and is only awarded to a handful of companies.

The employees of OSI Group are regularly recognized as the driving force of their success. The company encourages their workers to show initiative and innovation as they go about their jobs. They are encouraged to develop their skills and talents to their utmost and they are a big reason why OSI Group continues to be a world leader in food processing.

Read More: www.creativefoodseurope.eu/osi-group

May 13, 2018
by Administrator

Ricardo Tosto’s Law Experience is Just What Brazil Needs

Even the Brazilian government knows that Ricardo Tosto is the best person to help represent them. He’s a professional attorney and knows there are things he can do to help different people who need it. He spent a lot of time learning about laws so he had a chance to give people the representation they need. It’s his way of making things easier on all his clients and showing them how everything changes based on the hard work they put into their own cases. Ricardo Tosto also plans on helping people through the political law efforts he works on. There are many chances for success when Ricardo Tosto gets involved no matter what people are interested in.

Throughout the time that Ricardo Tosto has been practicing law, he knew there were options he had that allowed him the chance to continue working to help people. He also knew what would happen when he had a chance to try different things. There are things that Ricardo Tosto knows how to do things that others don’t understand. He dedicates all his work to helping others and giving back no matter what issues people have or what they want him to continue doing.

There are other ways people get help from Ricardo Tosto. Since he knew there were things he could use to make the law industry better, he focused on those things. It’s his goal to give people what they need no matter what issues they have or what they’re doing in different situations. Thanks to the hard work Ricardo Tosto puts into the business, he feels good about how he can help people. It’s his goal of giving that allows him to continue with different success opportunities.

As long as people see how hard Ricardo Tosto works, they get the ability to continue seeing the things he has to offer. Out of everything he does, Ricardo Tosto knows helping people is the most important part of his life. It continues being something he can benefit from and other people can benefit from no matter what problems they have or what type of law help they need.

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May 8, 2018
by Administrator

Hussain Sajwani – An Opportunistic Businessman

A great businessperson around the Middle East can well describe Hussain Sajwani. His success was through hard work and luck too through his whole career.

Currently, he is the chairman of DAMAC Group, and also the founder of it in the year 2002. His idea to form the company came into mind a time when Sheikh Mohammed, who was the Prince by then, permitted foreigners to own properties in the Middle East. His move came in with a great hit in the market. DAMAC Group was and is still managing property development in the Middle East which includes luxurious houses and real estates and has managed to grow at a breakneck pace. Through this, DAMAC Group managed to scoop an award with Forbes after being announced the fastest growing in the global competition.

This business has lifted Hussain Sajwani to greater grounds. The popularity of his business attracted invites from great investors and people in business, such as Donald Trump, with whom they have plans to enhance business ties together. The construction of Tiger Woods Golf Course which is managed by the Trump shows some of the closed deals made by the two.

Hussain always felt the need to help other people. His step in the donation of AED 2 million in support of needy children proved him to be a philanthropist.

His success can be as a contribution from his family as they were involved in business too. His father used to import watches, and pens for sale in his country. Sajwani graduated from Washington University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics has been among the lucky students to get a scholarship.

He joined Abu Dhabi Oil Company after completing his degree where he worked for a while then resigned to start his own catering business. His new business was running pretty well as he manned it himself and had what it pertains for one to run a business. Hussain was able to meet new people in the business industry at large. The US military and Bechtel were a few, to name them, of the large number of customers he had. Later on is when he started his new company which he named it DAMAC Properties. This exposed Hussain Sajwani to the global business market.

May 8, 2018
by Administrator

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner Invests in Strong Entrepreneurial Ties

Hussain Sajwani is the head of DAMAC Properties, a Dubai-based real estate development firm that was established in 2002. Until now, the company has served millions of clients in different cities within and outside Dubai. For that reason, the life of Sajwani’s life has been in the limelight with most investors wondering how he managed to find his way to the international market niche.


Background Information

Sajwani was born in the Middle East, and he grew up in a relatively humble background compared to where his peers came from. While growing up, he learned how to manage a business from his father’s shop. His father sold stationery and was dedicated to providing excellent customer care to his people. At the same time, he wanted to retire and put Hussain in charge of the business. However, Hussain Sajwani was interested in other businesses and hence, deciding to enroll in medical school for a medical course. This is where his career took a turn; Sajwani left school to pursue economics and engineering from the Washington University. After graduating, he was lucky to find a job at GASCO. This is an oil company based in Abu-Dhabi.


Work Experience

Hussain Sajwani garnered vast managerial skills from GASCO. He also strengthened the relationship between employees and clients as he worked as a credit manager. As a man who hailed from a humble background, he understood the value of handling his clients diligently. Without a doubt, he registered excellent performance at the company and even managed to grow the company’s service portfolio.


Developing DAMAC Properties

Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani had other interests; to pursue business and launch a monopoly. Well, he first began a food catering business before proceeding to real estate. With the food catering business, he drew more clients to his service portfolio as he could now handle up to 20,000 clients in the Middle East. He garnered sufficient funds to start DAMAC Properties, and now, everyone in Dubai is well aware of this property developing company that deals with the development of the luxurious property. Since the inception, DAMAC Properties has launched more than 100 luxurious properties.


The Outline of His Career

Recently, Sajwani got into business with Donald Trump. The transaction entails the construction of two first golf courses in the Middle East. Launched in early 2018, the two golf courses symbolize the friendly rapport between Hussain and Trump. From the look at his career, it is correct to conclude that Sajwani is instrumental in expanding the real estate market in Dubai.

May 8, 2018
by Administrator

AvaTrade Review: How to Trade with Confidence with AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a company that aids its business associates in the collaboration of building trades up for the interested players in the trading sector of life. It has a firm foundation actualized through an office located in the heartlands of Dublin and they are currently accepting requests to be interviewed physically by any client whom might show interest in utilizing their exchange for their financial advantages.

AvaTrade is unlike any other opportunity out there designed for making the most out of trading in the sense that they are regulated and given permission by the leading big banks of Ireland in the area based on AvaTrade reviews. On top of the legal and ethical standards they hold themselves to, AvaTrade also earned a solid word of mouth through their system which rakes in the dough and is chalk full of benefits one can only pray that other brokers promise.

The rate they charge is a good size smaller than the normal charge that other brokers demand their participants to cooperate in. This charge is a good surmountable asking price of one hundred dollars even, so that the investor can begin to actually start building wealth based on their initiated capital, which goes in favor of the investor and probably accommodates it’s current recommendations as well. In augmentation to the above and obvious benefits of using AvaTrade as a potential source of reliable revenue the return on information provided by these people far surpass the scammy overseas brokers and their businesses that probably will not return the investors hard earned trading money as schemed.

AvaTrade, however, is regulated by European government banks to always give out the money when the time comes to withdrawal one’s accumulated and compounded winnings. This indicative fact alone upholds AvaTrade to be a one of a kind broker to anyone interested in becoming a venture capitalist based on reviews of the broker AvaTrade.