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March 19, 2018
by Administrator

Atlantic City Is Now Seeing Changes In Housing Thanks To Boraie Development

Atlantic City is no longer just a gaming resort town as many neighboring states such as Pennsylvania and Delaware have now started opening their own casinos and this has seen the closing of some resorts and the bringing in of new businesses to the city. That’s why Boraie Development is also moving into the city to build a 250-unit apartment property to house Atlantic City workers and various other business-based clients, and it’s known as the Beach at South Inlet. Wasseem Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development says he hopes this will address a noticeable void in the current housing market in Atlantic City, and he says the propert’s proximity to the boardwalk and ocean as well as public transportation also could be attractive to prospective residents.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development back in the 1970s after moving to New Brunswick, NJ from Egypt. He did not have a background in real estate development, but he felt led to do it because New Brunswick was lacking in commercial properties and needed many new buildings in the downtown, and he believed if he didn’t do it nobody else would. He began buying up the properties and by 1988 had the first big office development finished at Albany Street. The Albany Street Plaza completed its second office and retail space development in 2003, and not too long after that they also completed a 60,000 square foot office space building on George Street and the CITYPLEX 12 area in Newark. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

The Boraie Development residential project portfolio took off around 2006 when the 25-story condominium at Spring Street was completed, one of the first of its kind high-rises to be completed in New Brunswick. When this property sold out quick, Omar Boraie decided to invest in another similar property at One Rector Street in Newark, and once again it proved successful. The high-rise style property continued with the completion of The Aspire, but the condo and townhouse properties have also been successful with the current Atlantic City project as well as plans for the Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment that Boraie Development has laid out. Omar Boraie says he’s had several factors that have led to his success which are believing in the New Brunswick community and just not being swayed by negative opinions even when given by experts. But he also pointed to Johnson & Johnson as the real reason for his success because he admits he probably would not have decided to invest in the downtown had they not remained there.

Reference: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506

March 17, 2018
by Administrator

A Rail Car Company Went Off The Rails

Many business experts today have made their fortune by finding the things they are both good at and passionate for and making money off of that. Gurus call this “monetizing your passion.”

Gregory James Aziz has been successful in finding the various ways he is skilled at something and making millions off of it. Greg James Aziz is highly skilled in taking crumbling businesses and moving them back to health. Making poor companies rich has made him a millionaire several times over.

Recently, National Steel Car admitted that they were going to have to declare bankruptcy if they did not discover a way to turn their business around. The only thing they could think of at this point was to offer Greg Aziz a spot at the helm of their company. They offered Gregory James Aziz the role of Chief Executive Officer. To seal the deal, they had to agree to also let Gregory James Aziz become chairman of the Board.

When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car he got to work immediately. He knew he had to get them back to a solid foundation for business and fast! He began by implanting a strong vision that would enable and excite the people to achieve their best. This was difficult at the time since many people were not hopeful that things would pan out well for National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz cast a simple yet effective vision. He challenged National Steel Car to develop a rail car that accomplished three things. The first thing was that the rail car had to meet the strictest environmental regulations. The second thing was that the rail car had to increase its carrying capacity while maintaining a low rate for wear and tear. The last thing, and perhaps the most difficult, was to find a way to create a rail car that the customer could customize according to their transport needs that day.


Gregory James Aziz helped the company get ready for this by bringing in mentors who could educate each executive, manager, and worker, on how such a rail car could be achieved.


With an effective vision and the right skill, the workers at National Steel Car were able to complete this rail car in three years. This earned National Steel Car billions of dollars in contracts and promoted them to the top railway car manufacturer that they are today. Visit This Page for related information.


March 8, 2018
by Administrator

Ted Bauman Enlightens People on Wealth Creation and Protection

Ted Bauman is a man who has committed his vast experience in Economics to helping people make wise decisions. He gives useful insights that help people in asset protection and wealth management portfolio. Ted says that, in the over thirty years of his career, he has assisted many people to access resources they needed to lead a sovereign life. He believes in the need to alleviate government oversight as well as the insensitivity of corporates.

The experienced Economist was born in Washington, D.C. He moved to South Africa around the mid-1980s. He was involved in the implementation of the post-apartheid policies. In the 90s and 2000s, he gained immense experience working as a consultant for the United Nations and African and European countries. Ted traveled to over 75 countries including in Asia. His primary areas of interest were finance, housing, and urban planning. The engagements helped him gain an excellent understanding of economics and political systems.

During his stay in South Africa, he graduated with Masters’ degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. Ted believes that it is not wise to put all your investments in one country. The idea was inspired by his trips to various parts of the world. He recommends that one can do business, invest, and settle in a variety of countries. This cushions you against the shocks experienced from changing political and economic environments of different countries.

Ted returned to the United States in 2008. He was working as the Director of International Programs for an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization. He supported organizational sustainability and effectiveness using his experience as an economist.

Throughout his career, Ted had a profound interest in research and publishing. He was involved in the publishing of prominent journals in his area of work. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a part-time editor. It was by then known as Sovereign Society. His writings mainly on asset protection and wealth management quickly gained popularity.

The newfound success pushed him to work full-time as a researcher and writer. He later became the editor of The Bauman Letter. It is a monthly publication that aims to equip people with innovative ways to create and protect wealth. Ted boasts of over 100,000 subscribers, the highest readership in the Banyan Hill group. He also publishes the Smart Money service and Alpha Stock Alert, which are based on systemic or “algorithmic” trading systems. Ted Bauman’s voice brings a broader perspective that objectively helps people grow and protect their wealth.

View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman


March 6, 2018
by Administrator

Stream Energy steps in to fill gap left by decline in coal production

Few industries have played as important or controversial a part in the country’s history, right up to the present, than the coal business. As a flashpoint in the battle for labor rights, the coal industry exemplified both the best and the worst aspects of the U.S. labor system. As the means of firing the locomotives that helped tame the West and the coke furnaces that helped building American industry into the most powerful force the world has ever seen, coal played a central and indispensable role. Read more at bizjournals.com about Stream Energy.

But the industry’s heyday is long past. Today, the coal business is in a state of inexorable decline. Between approximately 2005 and 2016, coal went from providing more than half of the nation’s energy to providing less than a third, a precipitous drop for such a stalwart source of the nation’s power. The trends that have seen the fortunes of coal and its surrounding industries falter are unlikely to abate any time soon.

With the rise of alternative energy sources, the expense of extracting and burning coal has exploded. Additionally, a string of tough emissions regulations, the 2015 Clean Air Act being chief among them, have severely hampered the ability of coal operations to expand. This has left the industry extremely vulnerable to newer, cleaner energy types, such as wind, solar and natural gas.

Visit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171205005370/en/Stream-Brings-Energy-Services-Delaware


But not everyone is lamenting the demise of Big Coal. Stream Energy, a Dallas-based alternative energy company, sees the decline of coal as a new beginning for America in which the country will no longer suffer from the extreme pollution and danger that an over-reliance on coal-fired power plants carries. Stream Energy is an innovative company that allows users in certain states where energy has been deregulated to take advantage of cleaner, more cost-effective forms of electricity generation.

Stream Energy has allowed tens of thousands of customers across the country to save vast sums of money on their monthly bills through flexible energy plans that include clean sources, such as natural gas, solar power and wind-generated electricity. On top of that, Stream Energy provides its independent associates with ways to both earn income and enjoy the benefits of free energy through promoting its clean energy plans. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

March 6, 2018
by Administrator

Michael Burwell – A Leader In The Financial Sector

Michael Burwell graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. For 31 years he worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. He spent 11 years working at Pricewaterhouse. His work included working with many audit clients in the assurance practice. Michael Burwell became a partner and began PWC’s transaction service practice in Detroit in 1997. Because of his high standard and excellence in his career, he became the leader of PWC’s central region and worked at the US Transaction Service Leader. He received the title of Chief Financial Officer in 2007 and was also appointed Chief Operating Officer PWC U.S. business. Michael Burwell’s career took him on the path of being a successful leader when in 2012 he was given the honor of being the Vice Chairman Global and United States Transformation.


Michael Burwell became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at Willis Towers Watson on August 21, 2017. Willis Towers Watson is a leader in worldwide advisory capacity and a brokerage company. When Michael Burwell’s appointment as the Chief Executive Officer was announced, John Haley, who is Chief Executive Officer at Willis Towers Watson, said they were delighted to have Michael Burwell as part of their leadership unit as their CEO. As the company grows, Michael Burwell will make a powerful positive impact on the company. He will help to move the company in the right direction. Mr. Burwell will be an asset to the company because he has a good understanding of what it takes to manage a company. He has over 31 years of experience which he brings to Willis Towers Watson and will use it as a driving force in finance, transformation, and transactions. This is going to be a long-term attempt in helping the company to grow. Willis Towers Watson is proud of helping their clients globally to grow by providing solutions to their financial needs and helping to cut their financial risk. They employ 40,000 workers in over 140 countries. Go To This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell accepted his role as CEO of Willis Towers Watson and is honored to be a part of such a fine financial institution. He is enthusiastic about his future for the company, their leadership, strength and their loyalty to their clients. They have a good perception of the needs of their clients. He plans to contribute his years of experience to the company in making it a continued success.


See: http://basketball.eurobasket.com/player/Mike-Burwell/Kazakhstan/BK-Barsy-Atyrau/189342?PlayerID=189342

March 6, 2018
by Administrator

How Gregory Aziz Saved National Steel Car

National steel car is an engineering company found in Canada. It is the biggest manufacturer of rolling stocks in the whole of North America. Rolling stocks are also popularly known as railroad freight cars. Since it was started in 1912, National steel car has always topped the list of the best rolling stock manufacturing companies in the region. The National industries Inc. established National steel car. Currently, NSC it is led by James Aziz. The chairman and CEO of the company is Gregory J Aziz. National steel car has established itself as a leading company due to its high prioritization of quality. It has the best product in the markets in terms of quality.


National steel car was started by entrepreneur Morison Gibson together with other investors with the aim of supplying rolling stocks to the railway’s corporation in North America at the time. There was a huge demand for rolling stocks, and this presented an excellent opportunity for the company to grow. After the first few years of operations, the company made huge profits which made the investors realize that they could even make it better by expanding its business operation to provide more products to the market. The investors had a new resolve of making it the biggest producer of rolling stocks after witnessing how the company had performed in the first few years. They bought a warehouse in Hamilton where they constructed their manufacturing plants. Visit This Page for related information


National steel car started receiving huge orders from railway companies, and within a short time, their business was booming. For the next two decades, the business was doing very well. The biggest challenge for the company came in the 1930’s when an economic depression hit the world. There was a decline in orders, and the company had to look for alternatives so that it could maintain its stake in the market. The company was started producing motor vehicles so that it could counter the shortage of orders in the railway’s sector. A reprieve came in after the start of the World War 2. There was a huge demand in the railway’s sector as well as in the motor vehicle sector.


The company managed to get back into business and was now able to manufacture rolling stocks for even export purposes. They were exported to Canada and the United States. National steel car was purchased by a steel manufacturing company in Canada called Dofasco, but they were unable to manage it. They sold it in 1994 to James Aziz.

March 5, 2018
by Administrator

Ian King’s Soaring Strategy

A current cryptocurrency trader who has been trading in the financial markets for the past 20 years! Yes, that’s Ian King! Quit impressive. Anyone involved in this industry has taken advice from Investopedia at one point in their career, and Ian as risen to the top of the website’s list of contributors. He also invented a program that helps people understand cryptocurrencies like ripple, bitcoin, litecoin, etc. In 2017 he joined Banyan Hill and is currently creating a crypto trading course and investment advisory for Banyan Hill’s readers. He claims of a patent-pending strategy that is able to identify cryptos before they surge. He attracts a lot of attention; he had 10,000 people sign to watch “Crypto Profit Summit” in which he spoke about cryptocurrency. He is very optimistic about crypto and he says that with the market crash over the past few weeks, now is the time to start investing and potentially making a fortune. What’s impressive with Ian is that he has a lot of experience in trading: he’s worked at Salomon Brothers in the mortgage bond trading department, at Citigroup and as a head trader at a New York-based hedge fund that made 339% total return during one of the worst years in the financial market, 2008. He claims that other people who claim to be experts are doing so during bull markets, which are very easy to claim success to, but Ian has been through many bull and bear markets, which has provided him with great experience. Ian was originally a crypto skeptic but he realized that there isn’t a lot of physical cash and most money is already digital. He claims that the US government is continuously printing more money, which erodes the value of the dollar, but that is not the case with crypto, which has a limit on how much can be mined. For instance, bitcoin can only be mined up to 21 million units. Ian doesn’t disagree on the volatility of crypto but he believes that crypto is a great place to store your money: markets are open 24 hours a day, cryptocurrencies are liquid-based and can be accessed from a smartphone, PC or tablet. If anyone is willing to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency market, they should try implementing Ian’s strategy that identifies cryptos before they soar.

Learn more:https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-thrives-against-all-odds/


February 28, 2018
by Administrator

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions, Inc. Helps People Grow Their Money Fast And Safe

Those who are poor know how it is very difficult to raise money. Money begets money but if an individual doesn’t have money in the first place, there’s nothing to be increased. But even if a person has some discretionary funds, it will still be difficult for him to grow his money if he doesn’t have a financial plan. This concept is what Richard Blair wants to impress in the minds of ordinary people if they want to reach their financial goals. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., a financial advisory company based in Austin, Texas.


Richard Dwayne Blair is an independent financial advisor, a Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®), a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist® (CES®) a Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®), a Certified Income Specialist® (CIS®), a Certified Tax Specialist® (CTS®) and a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.


His company provides financial consultancies and advises to clients who are searching for ways they can invest their money. Blair’s clients are composed of small businesses, private individuals and some rich families in Austin. As a duly registered financial adviser, Blair has over 20 years of experience in delivering financial services to his clients. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is also fully registered with the government in Austin therefore it can legally dispense financial advice to whoever wants or needs it. He offers his financial services to people and businesses in Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels and Georgetown.



His family encouraged Richard Blair to pursue a career in the field of financial services, teaching and guiding people with regards to their financial plans. He has a mother and grandmother who are both teachers by profession. While growing up, he saw how the teaching profession enabled her mom and grandma gain their knowledge and self-confidence. This in turn helped him also gain the confidence to take up teaching, not the ABCs but the A to Z in financial planning. In 1949, he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. and from then on continued to provide financial advices to people and businesses who asked for them.



If a client asks the help of Wealth Solutions, Blair will readily asses the actual financial situation of the client as well as his retirement needs. As soon as he gets all the information he needs, Blair will formulate a holistic plan which is customized according the needs and capabilities of the client. Blair’s term for his solution is: the three-pillar approach. The number one pillar will help the client draw his financial roadmap. Pillar number two is designed to assist the client in devising his long-term strategy that will fulfill his investment needs. The third pillar will provide the client a safety net for his finances by way of insurance. If the client listens to Blair’s advice, his chances of reaching his financial goals will increase. Visit This Page for related information.



February 27, 2018
by Administrator

Food Services Love OSI Group

When it comes to naming a global leader in the food supply industry, you can’t go without mentioning OSI Group who provides added protein items like sandwiches, pizza, sausage links, and beef patties to major food services and retail brands, based out of Aurora, III. OSI Group branches out in the United States, China, and Europe with more than 50 facilities in 17 countries worldwide. In the past 20 years China has played a major role for the OSI Group’s success, and the expansion in China is proof of that.

China has been the real focus for the them with having such a large population, leading to more profit when the OSI Group is capable in supplying the demand. Not only do the supply the food to these businesses around the world, but they go a step further by also engaging in equipment manufacturers that aid in the process of detecting foreign particles that be found in food using X-ray built-in machines.

The communication aspect is key, and OSI Group makes it their priority to speak with customers early in the process to ensure they are always on the same page understanding their goals and visions. Some of these well-known clients they serve are Starbucks, Saizeriya, Papa John’s, Burger King, Subway, and more. Rather you are a consumer of natural and organic foods that are both tasty and healthy, or you a true carnivore, OSI Group provides exactly what they want no matter how sophisticated their eating habits are.

The growth of OSI has attracted entrepreneurial partnerships because of their consistent dedication expanding businesses globally, extending their already thriving services. These international markets that are growing rapidly are evidence of the leadership role they have never lost sight of. So you can expect to this day, that OSI Group will continue to provide excellent goods that everyone can benefit from.

Contact OSI Group: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

February 27, 2018
by Administrator

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Economic Decline

Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Uber. Uber is one of the most innovative companies in the country today. The company has completely transformed transportation in various cities.


Shervin Pishevar has built considerable wealth from his investment in Uber. He is also a co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, However, he is worried about the future of the economy. He tweeted for 21 hours straight about the future of the economy. He believes that the economy is eventually going to collapse in the United States. Shervin Pishevar has several reasons for this viewpoint. He also believes that large technology companies are going to collapse as well.



National Debt


One of the biggest reasons that Shervin Pishevar gives for the downfall of the economy is the national debt. The United States has the largest national debt in the world. Although the deficit was starting to decline, the new budget passed will increase the deficit greatly.


As interest rates increase throughout the world, increasing the national debt will be much more costly than in the past. Shervin Pishevar strongly believes that government leaders must do something about the national debt before it is too late. There are numerous examples of countries where the national debt led to the collapse of the economy.





Shervin Pishevar also predicted that almost every asset class would decline in value this year. However, he believes that gold will increase in response to the economic volatility. Over the past few years, gold has been declining due to the positive economic news. As a general rule, gold moves in the opposite direction of traditional asset classes.


He believes that investors who have capital in traditional assets should consider moving their money to gold.



Stock Market Drop


He also made a prediction that the stock market would collapse in 2018. At the start of the year, the stock market was increasing quickly. However, the stock market recently experienced a violent drop. Many investors are worried about escalating interest rates. More volatility should be expected in the months ahead. There are numerous people who believe that the great run in the stock market is over. See Related Link for more information.