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September 7, 2017
by Administrator

Louis Chenevert and the Miracle of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert left a renowned legacy in the world of aerospace technologies. People whisper his name. Gurus seek him. All of this was made possible by the success he found in the United Technologies Corporation.

Louis Chenevert served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the aerospace company known as United Technologies Corporation. During his tenure there, he was able to please the stock holders by raising the stock prices from a comfortable $37 to a whopping amount totaling $117 a share.

Chenevert was able to accomplish his goal by faithfully doing several things.

The first thing that Chenevert did to bring success to his company was to invest time in his workers. The worker is the back bone of any company. It does not matter how good the leader is. If the workers can’t do their job effectively, the company will sink. Chenevert once had a problem with a plant that was not producing as well as it once did. After discovering that the cause was a group of engineers, Chenevert did what no other CEO would do. He began to train them again and moved them to a plant that better met their skills.

The second thing he did to raise the stocks was to purchase several competing companies in order to grow United Technologies Corporation’s portfolio. These two acquisitions were Otis and Goodrich. Both these were powerful game changers for United Technologies Corporation. Otis was the longest elevator company in history and Goodrich cost a hefty $16.3 billion. These two things put United Technologies Corporation, and Chenevert, on the map.

In reward for his good work, Chenevert was given an honorary doctorate from HEC of Montreal. He would also be named Person of the Year by several magazines and then be hired by Goldman Sachs to come on as a consultant in the production managers sector after stepping down from UTC in 2014.

After looking at this history, no one should be confused on why they call Chenevert a legend.

September 4, 2017
by Administrator

Gregory James Aziz- Chairman of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Additionally, Greg Aziz is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car. The firm is located is Hamilton, Ontario. National Steel Car is an organization that has expertise in matters related to the manufacturing, designing, and engineering of railroad freight. Moreover, the firm, supplies open top and tri-hopper, hopper, coil, flat, jumbo box, and super-duty box cars. Also, National Steel Car offers intermodal spines, gauge table, covered hoppers, auto racks, center beams, and intermodal well systems to its customers.

In his early life, Greg James Aziz lived in Ontario together with his family. He joined the University of Western Ontario where he studied and graduated with an Economics degree. In 1971 after graduating, Gregory J Aziz began to work at Affiliated Foods. The company was owned by his family. Affiliated Foods was a worldwide importer offering major fresh food markets. Besides, the firm provided its Eastern Canada fresh food from Europe, and both the Central and South America. Moreover, it also offered its services in the United States of America.

In the early 1990s, James Aziz decided to move to New York. In New York, James Aziz wanted to look for investment opportunities in the banking industry. Finally, after searching, in 1994, he purchased the National Steel Company. His objective was to create the crème de la crème railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. At the company, Gregory James Aziz emphasized on strong engineering skills, and team work. Additionally, he hired 2400 employees. Due to his determination and hard work, by 1999 National Steel Car’s annual production had increased from 3,500 cars to 12000 cars. Currently, railroad cars from National Steel Car are voted as the best quality in North America (a record that has been held for 18 years in a row). Additional Info Here.

Aside from his business endeavors, Greg James Aziz is a dedicated philanthropist. Throughout his life, he has been committed to improving the living standards of the people in Hamilton, Ontario. Through his firm (National Steel Car), Greg Aziz has sponsored many social, and philanthropic organizations including the Salvation Army. Additionally, other social and humanitarian organizations are the United Way, Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius. Besides, Gregory J Aziz together with his team have conducted various food drives to assist local food banks. Furthermore, Greg Aziz and his wife Irene are sponsors of an important agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=39124620&privcapId=35787198

August 28, 2017
by Administrator

Gregory J Aziz Positive Contribution to National Steel Car Company

National Steel Car is a railroad car manufacturer based in North America. The company works on delivering quality products such as trains and train containers. With over a hundred years of experience, National Steel Company has evolved to dynamic lengths, which led them to be the leading railroad freight manufacturer in North America. Additionally, the company’s deep sense of purpose has enabled it achieve success not only in North America, but also in the international market. Further, National Steel Car has gained reputation due to its quality workmanship.


National Steel Car brought an unmatched game plan due to their dominance in the manufacturing industry. Consequently, its long-term manufacturing period enabled it to retain the leading spot. The company continued with the performance despite achieving success. Additionally, the company has broadened its services by adding its workforce from 500 to 3000 employees and opening additional stores. As a result, National Steel Car Company was rewarded with the annual TTX SECO award as an honor for their quality work and good performance.


The company was founded in the year 1912. Just as any other company, National Steel Car started from a humble background. Luckily, its launching was timely since the Canadian Pacific Railway was just beginning its construction work. For this reason, National Steel Car registered the highest profit in the year 1913. Although it was a new company, it managed to provide supply to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway for over ten years. However, in the year 1930’s, the company experienced a decline in its performance due to competition from upcoming companies. See More Information.


Due to its depreciation in performance, the company suffered a major blow in the acquisition of orders. As a result, National Steel Car decided to focus its attention in the manufacture of other products such as bus bodies, motor boats, and trucks. Finally, after a long period of struggle, National Steel Car gave up on their struggle by placing the company on sale. It was after four years that Greg Aziz, the owner of Hamilton Corporation, came across the announcement of sale of National Steel Car. With a good knowledge of the company’s previous performances, Gregory James Aziz decided to purchase the company in an aim to redeem it to its former glory. Gregory J Aziz started by increasing the workforce, which paid off when the company registered an increase in production from 3,500 to 12,000 in the year 2,000. James Aziz positive influence to the company continued until it was recently declared the leading rail car manufacturer in the world.


See More: http://www.lacartes.com/business/Greg-Aziz-National-Steel-Car/191944

August 27, 2017
by Administrator

The Food Industry with the OSI Industries

OSI Group is among the largest food processing firms in the world today. An American company, the OSI Industries started off as a small meat market in 1909 based in Chicago. Nevertheless, through adept leadership and marketing strategies, the firm has grown to now employ more than 20,000 individuals in its 60 facilities distributed over 16 countries. Among the signature products of the firm include; hot dogs, raw and fully cooked breakfast sausage, and fully cooked bacon.

Processed chicken, raw chicken, pizza products, soups, and cooked pork and beef as well as fully crafted sandwiches can also be sourced from its Illinois-based, Aurora business. As forward-oriented and thinking company, the group engages in the production of vast private label food products and works in close relation with other reputable manufacturers to manufacture various kinds of brand-name products. Noticeably, the brand in August 2016 announced that it had made an acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch food manufacturer.

Baho Food is a vast producer of snacks, convenience foods as well as meat products. The acquisition move enabled the OSI Industries to foster a large sustainable presence in the food service market in Europe. The group can design all forms of custom food specialties to meet the diverse needs in the food service industry. Side dishes, breakfast and lunch items, desserts as well as other specialty food products are regularly developed in the OSI culinary center. The firm missions to always be ahead of innovative culinary trends, and as such, they consistently hire new workforce through their efficiently managed college internship program, which they have been running for over a quarter century.

The OSI Group also offers rotational management training plan, which allows participants to get relevant training and skills in various departments of the firm. Food safety is among the important considerations in the group’s production and distribution of its food products. The firm is renowned for maintaining top-notch levels of food safety, and to sustain it, the firm sporadically audits its vendors to make sure that they observe proper and set safety protocol all the time. In the Forbes list of the largest firms in America, the Group was ranked at number 58 as it produced over $6 billion in 2015’s revenue.

To know more visit @: www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/keywords/5122-osi-group

August 9, 2017
by Administrator

Things you need to know about James Dandero

James Dandero is the co-founder and the president of Human capital management and has a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. James is a scholar of the University of Virginia where he acquired a bachelor`s degree in science commerce and specialized in the areas of finance and accounting. James formerly served as the chief investment officer of protective lives GIC Subsidiary and helped the firm grow its profit to an enormous amount of the benefits. Besides, James also serves as the chairman of cornerstone health care group, CCS besides playing various other roles in many prestigious companies.
James has played a significant role at Human capital Management Company and through his expertise, he has enabled the firm offer credit solutions to other organization s and as a result solved their financial issues. Besides, many companies have benefited from the services provided by the prestigious firm and developed themselves from the equity funds that they receive from the organization.
On the other hand, James is a great philanthropist and highly supports all projects and initiatives that are usually directed towards education. He believes that education is a major requirement for the success and fast performance of every individual. Besides, James has helped various societies to enact rules and derive measures to advocate for equality peacefully.
Through his vast knowledge and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, James has taken part in the enactment of various public policies and strongly advocates for the rights of every individual in the society. James has also contributed to the success of the Human Capital Management Company through the significant role of driving development strategies and equipping the company with strategic plans to achieve its goals and missions.
In addition to that, James has received numerous awards as an amendment of his excellent work at Human Capital Management, including the Moringhstars five star designation for global allocation. The company has over the past years served the various needs of its customers through their retail services fueled by the impeccable operations of James to offer its products to them at an affordable price both in the retail and institutional level.

August 8, 2017
by Administrator

The Outstanding Performance of Madison Street Capital in Sterling Packaging’s Expansion

Madison Street Capital is a well established global investment banking company that is trusted for the excellent services that it offers. Sterling Packaging recently hired the firm to be its financial advisor during an equity investment deal. The focus of Sterling Packaging is in the manufacture folding cartons, and its headquarters are in Selkirk. The business is currently determined to expand its operations to Monroeville, Alabama, and it will be receiving equity funding from Druid Capital Partners. Madison Street Capital’s senior M.D, Jay Rodgers, was the head of the transaction that united the two companies. Learn more: http://madisonstreetcapital.org/


According to Rodgers, the administration of Sterling Packaging did an excellent work by establishing a unique scale that was made of an exceptional product offering. He appreciated the company’s founders, Jim and Debbie Hickson, for leading its team well. The expansion of the firm will significantly benefit clients. Madison Street Capital’s team was glad to facilitate the transaction.


The Druid Capital Partners managing partner, Martin Holt, said that the employees of the firm were happy to do business with the Hickson family. According to him, Jim and Debbie are skillful and hardworking businesspersons who have ensured that their company and children embrace an outstanding value system. Martin Holt hopes that his firm will associate well with Sterling Packaging. The Madison Street Capital reputation has grown due to its success in the transaction. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/charles-botchway/


Sterling Packaging was created in 1989, and it sells its folded paperboard cartons in the United States and Canada. The industries that the company serves include pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, hardware, as well foods and beverages. The firm has been contracted by a wide array of businesses that range from small enterprises to multinational corporations. The main clients of the Sterling Packing are in the beverages sector, and therefore, it has specialized in folded paperboard cartons. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmbzaVSuCmU


Druid Capital Partners is a trusted boutique investment management enterprise that has been operational since 2015. Many companies in the Southeast have benefited from its services. The businesses that it deals with have specialized in manufacturing, industrial, and distribution service. Druid Capital Partners is regarded as an outstanding equity capital provider.


Madison Street Capital’s is recognized for its excellence in merger and acquisitions, financial consultancy, financial opinions, and business valuation services. The company’s outstanding solutions have enabled corporations to perform well in the global marketplace. It believes that its clients can find excellent growth opportunities in emerging markets across the world. Learn more: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/

August 3, 2017
by Administrator

Todd Lubar – All Homes Will Soon Be Smart Homes

Benefits that come with innovation are not just practical as they come with other advantages. For instance, smart technologies can boost emotional well-being and self-esteem of people in need of them. Despite age, every person at one time or another has encountered a lack of confidence when they can never again perform errands that they did simply. Research has demonstrated that assistive advances can enhance the passionate strength of physically debilitated individuals by helping them feel more independent and less detached.

As the quantity of smart devices keeps on increasing, technologies are becoming more reliable and affordable. For instance, connectivity maintenance used to be a key problem since most homes entails WiFi dead zones. However, the problem is addressed by introducing reference router design and mesh networking platform into homes when building. Such frameworks guarantee that each alcove and crevice have web access and they enable inhabitants to straightforwardly issue voice commands to their home apparatuses as opposed to imparting via intermediary programs such as Apple Home or Amazon Echo.

In a report distributed a year ago by Patch, TechSci Research anticipated that the worldwide smart home market would surpass $60 billion by 2021. We are presently moving toward a tipping point where smart homes will never again be an extravagance; they will be part of life. For sure, a large number of American homes are as of now outfitted with some smart innovation. Apple and Amazon are majorly affecting the smart home industry because their intelligent personal assistants can be virtually synced with any smart appliance. With companies like Alexa and Siri, you can now turn off your lights, lock your doors or crank up a thermostat with just a voice command.

Todd Lubar is a business visionary with various years of experience in the different sector, particularly, real estate and finance. After acquiring adequate knowledge and skills, Todd started a company, TDL Global Ventures, LLC which he serves as president and also the chairman. For some period, Todd has been ranked among the leading mortgage originators within the USA. Besides playing a major role in real estate, he also operated in construction, entertainment, and mortgage banking sectors.

Visit toddlubar.com

July 28, 2017
by Administrator

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho and His Outstanding Impact on the Brazilian Law

Brazil’s Law is based on statutes and the recently developed mechanism called sumulas vinculantes. The systems of law are similar to those of European countries particularly those from Portugal. There are many statutes that have been codified in Brazil. In Brazil, the supreme law Federal Constitution that was created on October 21, 1988. The Civil Code, The Penal Code, The commercial code, the National Tributary Code, and the Customer Defence code are also law documents used in Brazil.

For centuries, the law used in Brazil is similar to the Law of Portugal owing to the fact that the country was a Portuguese colony. Due to a large number of law schools in Brazil, the country has had many lawyers. In 2010, Brazil was ranked the 3rd country with the largest number of lawyers in the world. Having many lawyers does not mean they are all good. That is why in a search for quality, the Minister of Education, Aloizio Mercadante, will perform inspections in all Law offering Universities to ascertain their quality. All the same, Brazil still has in the past produced notable lawyers who are internationally recognized like Afonso Pena and Adelma Tavares.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer highly specializing in a wide range of litigation matters. Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho graduated from the Universidade Presibiteriana Mackenzie with a Degree in Law. He also holds an extension in Business Administration from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is a partner in the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados. This is a full-service law firm that has been listed among the top ten largest law firms in Brazil by the Anuario Analise Advocacia 500. Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is also considered as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Brazil.

This man Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho has vast experience and expertise in the law industry. He has advocated for large Brazilian organizations and multinational groups, people with different ideological shades, and governments. Truly, Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is one man putting the Brazilian Law institutions on the world map.

To know more visit @: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ricardo-tosto#/entity

July 21, 2017
by Administrator

Beneful Dog Food, The Natural Fit for Healthy Pets

Beneful dog food is the natural fit for your pet. It offers the taste dogs crave and the nutritional value owners love. Walmart carries Beneful dog food in both the dry and wet varieties. The pricing for a 3.5 pound bag of dry food is $5.48, the 4.5 pound bag retail price is $7.88; and then there’s the economical 6.3 pound bag for $9.73; the 12.5 pound grain free dry food is $17.98 and the 15.5 pound bag of the regular variety sells for $13.98 and finally the largest dry food bag is 31.1 pounds, which is $26.98.

The Beneful wet food prices are different according to the size, there is a convenient single serving, in a 10 ounce plastic tub; for $1.77, for the same price the IncrediBites Snacks are also available. The 10 ounce plastic tubs come in a 6 pack for $10.58. Walmart also carries the wet food in cans, which are sold in packages of 27, 3 ounce cans for $14.98.

One thing that most pet owners are concerned with is ensuring that their dog maintains a healthy weight. Walmart has the Beneful Healthy Weight with real chicken, the real salmon is only available in the Original variety, in the dry food bags. For the Beneful dog food with real ingredients, the prices are pretty much in the same range as the dry food. A blue label indicates the real food ingredients, such as “salmon, whole grains and vegetables accents.”

Walmart offers consumer coupons on Beneful definition dog food. All that’s needed is to download the app, select the coupon and the savings are applied at checkout. The coupons range from $3.00 off of one bag of the grain free dry dog food and buy 1, get 1 free for the tubs of wet food.

July 14, 2017
by Administrator

The story of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in 5 Minutes

Have you ever heard of the name Roberto Santiago? He is a 58-year-old successful Brazilian businessperson famous for the manaira shopping mall that is located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto owns the famous shopping centers that are the symbol of the town. Roberto grew up in that city, attended Pio X-Marist College and later joined the town’s local university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


He is an experienced entrepreneur who has come a long way to the top. He started his career with Café Santa Rosa. Later on, he began his Cartonnage Company. The firm has a unique technique that enables the production of multiple decorative and function products. Despite being successful in this, Roberto decided to venture into the allotment area. Now, we can say Roberto is one of the shrewd entrepreneurs in Brazil.




For Roberto, one of his known hobbies is sports. He has even received several trophies in motocross and kart competitions.


Manaira shopping


It is known as the largest mall in Joao Pessoa. The mall continues to build a strong relationship with customers, and that is why it is so successful. One the strengths of the mall are being able to offer leisure comfort and fun for people visiting the mall. It does not matter if you are a local or a tourist, the mall will fascinate you.


Excellent entertainment and fun


The idea of the mall is to prove that not only the beautiful beaches of the city can offer entertainment and fun. The mall can do that as well. It has made these two its trademark. You will find various options that are suitable for families searching for joy, tranquility, and comfort while touring the city. You will find bowling allies, movie theaters and many more features at the mall.


Various entertainment and fun venues


If you love cinema halls, then you are a lucky person. The theater at the mall is one of the things that make the mall outstanding. It has eleven rooms that are equipped with modern technology, bar services with candy, gourmet popcorn and a variety of drinks.




The mall can be credited for having the largest concert the city has ever experienced. The Domus Hall Concert that was held in November 2016 is the biggest event to happen in Joao Pessoa. The event was marking seven years since the mall began. It took place at the Domus Hall, which is the biggest concert hall in the city too. The hall has all the modern facilities. The hall has a capacity of 4000-seated people and 1000 standing.


In conclusion, visiting Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping Mall should be on your to-do list. You will not regret.