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Paul Mampilly Looks Towards Precision Medicine

Banyan Hill has been doing a good job at drawing investment gurus to their ranks. No-one knows how they keep getting them, but these investment gurus have all been drawing in pretty good numbers in their respective newsletters. One of these gurus is Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter goes by the name of Profits Unlimited Newsletter. The newsletter has an entry-level price of $97/year and has over 100,000 subscribers.

You have to be a member of his newsletter to get his picks, but every once in a while he lets a little slip. The most recent slip comes in the form of an investment opportunity that he says is groundbreaking. Let’s dissect what he is talking about. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Paul Mampilly says that the company is a leader in precision medicine and should turn out to be a huge winning in the healthcare market. He does say it’s a $1.5 billion company that is mid-western. People have pretty much figured out he is talking about Myriad Genetics (MYGN). So, why is Paul Mampilly pitching MYGN?

Well, MYGN is mainly a diagnostics company that has made their bread and butter for years on cancer testing. It’s a preventative form of testing based on genetics. So why is this company suddenly the hot pick of the year? Well, in all honesty, we aren’t sure.

MYGN has an analysis of a 15 – 20 percent raise annually over the next few years which is attractive growth, no doubt, but what makes it the pick of the year? Well, it has a lot to do with health insurance. As health insurance battles for gains in the market, it may be likely that they will start covering genetic testing. If and when that happens, expect MYGNs price to soar sky high. Even then, MYGN has some products they are starting to announce post-Paul picking it.

Products like GeneSight and Vectra DNA are both new genetic testing for various non-cancer related ailments. GeneSight is an antidepressant test and Vectra DNA is for arthritis. Both of them have a good shot at getting patented, which would rise stock dramatically.

Either way, it’s safe to trust Paul Mampilly in this area. When he was running the Extreme Fortunes newsletter he picked Foundation Medicine in a similar manner and it has done extraordinarily well so far. In the end, Paul has been doing good things, so keep an eye on Myriad Genetics. As always, good luck investing out there; stay safe. Check: http://inspirery.com/paul-mampilly/


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