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Paul Mampilly warning to Bitcoin investors.

Paul Mampilly is asking all Bitcoin investors to reconsider their investment. Paul Mampilly is an experienced trader in the United States who is already aware of the needs of the stock markets. He can tell when there is an investment opportunity and when there is none. He has worked in the stock industry for a long time to know how the markets behave. He can tell when there are false signals in the markets. A certain change in human consumption must support any credible gain in the stock markets. For now, Bitcoin is not backed by anything. It is just a currency that continues to gain with nothing supporting it. Paul Mampilly believes that whenever such a thing happens, it is not a time to jump in. Such stocks usually are bubbles that cannot hold for a long time. The best way to deal with bubbles is to stay out completely.

Bubbles normally attract even those who have not traded before. Beginners who are attracted by quick sales suffer the most as they are trapped by the markets since they have no idea when to take their profits and run. The good prices entice many beginners and forget that there can be losses too. When prices go up, there is no certainty they will remain there forever. They can change direction and fall. Everything in the stock investment change, sometime to fast that we might not be able to take our profits. It is for these reasons that Paul Mampilly insists on making only the best decision when it comes to matters of investment. See more of Paul Mampilly on linkedin

Paul Mampilly has been in the industry for about 25 years. He started trading in 1991 and is still doing it. In his career, he has worked with the best in the industry which includes ING and Deutsche Bank. He has traded accounts worth billions and knows what it takes to trade in high stake conditions. Paul Mampilly has been a hedge fund manager for an organization known as Kinetic Asset Management. As the head of this firm, he has made significant profits. A hedge fund that was worth $5 billion grew to over $26 billion.

Paul Mampilly is not a novice in this industry; he has invested before and understands what it is like to invest. When he says that Bitcoin is a bubble, he has solid reasons to say so. He is not just envious because he never bought the Bitcoin. Follow: https://twitter.com/Paul_M_Guru

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