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President McDonald Of OSI Group Explains Global Scale Supply Through The Management Of OSI

OSI Group is one of the leading meat products provider geographically located in Illinois. The company is a renowned food processor that has built several companies. OSI Group has more than 65 facilities across different countries. The meat the company processes is served in various restaurants as well as grocery stores. OSI Group is an excellent meat, fruits and vegetable processor. The company also sells pizza, baked goods, Panini as well as cookies. With an employee base of 20,000 people, OSI Group is committed to providing healthy food for customers.

David McDonald

OSI Group owes its success to David McDonald expertise. McDonald’s career at OSI Group began thirty years ago. In an interview with CEOCFO, he was asked about the establishment of OSI Group. David McDonald stated that he was not part of the beginning of OSI Group, but the company has registered excellent growth since its establishment.

The appetite for growth and development at OSI Group is tremendous. When he joined OSI Group, he envisioned the growth of the company. With the constant desire for growth, David McDonald won the heart of the management. He, therefore, landed an executive role as the President of the company.

OSI Group in China

Under the management of David McDonald, OSI Group has expanded its capacity to countries like China. In 2012, the company held a celebration because of its invaluable input in the economY Since its establishment in China, OSI Group has played a fundamental role in developing the economy. In Beijing, the company has been a key contributor of providing healthy food for citizens. When Beijing hosted the Olympic Games, OSI Group was the primary supplier of food. The variety included beef, chicken, mutton and eggs among others.


In an article that addresses the issues associated with global companies and their services, David McDonald OSI Group explained that OSI Group has the capacity and managerial team that can provide top notch services for clients.

The company is positioned in a strategic market niche with strong entrepreneurial networks that contribute to a large customer base. With offices around the world, David McDonald stated that OSI Group has an organized management that can supply the entire state and countries across the world. To OSI Group, service delivery is not an issue.

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