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Randy Ray And Wendy Lewis Create Jeunesse From Their Garage

The age-old stereotype of the corporate success story in America usually involved some version of a company that is founded in the garage of two young entrepreneurs. Aside from one detail, it so happens that this is precisely how the story of Jeunesse Global’s rise to international prominence unfolded. The only detail of the story that departs from the script is the entrepreneurs’ age. Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were well into their late-60s by the time they founded the company.


But as is the case with many real-life stories of successful startups, both Ray and Lewis fit the description of serial entrepreneurs to the T. Over a career in the health and beauty industry that had spanned decades, the couple founded dozens of highly successful companies, many of which went on to be sold for millions and millions of dollars. Read This Article for related information.


This string of successes meant that Ray and Lewis had long ago stopped needing the money. What kept them in the game was the love of creating successful companies and seeing the results that they had in sharing their success with others.


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Both Ray and Lewis had been retired for the third time for a few months. Lewis decided that she needed something to keep her going in her spare time. She wanted to help people across the globe enjoy some of the success that her and Ray had been fortunate enough to have over the years. She founded Jeunesse Global as a direct marketing company focused on the sale of beauty and health products. Check out more info on this post in inc.com: Jeunesse Global.


It didn’t take long for Ray to jump, headlong, into the new company. Soon, the couple was doing millions of dollars per year in sales. They quickly began expanding the product portfolio, with Lewis using her old contacts with some of the best minds in the health and beauty product development field helping the new company create products that would meet niches in the market.


Today, Jeunesse has a number of innovative products. These include offerings like the company’s Nevo energy drink, the first all-natural energy drink offered on a global level.

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