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Richard Mishaan Design Takes Off in New York

Richard Mishaan Design is a top New York firm known for creativity and a bold mix of classical and modern details. Originally from Colombia, Mishaan loves to combine disparate objects to create a beautiful whole. He has been described as a “Mix-master” for the way he combines styles to create a look and feel that is eye-catching and utterly beautiful. Transforming spaces into places of beauty and serenity is ultimately what he does best, and he does this with a style that is original and truly awe-inspiring.

With his strong background in art, architecture and high fashion, Mishaan brings a strong creative edge to his work. He has been known to combine antiques form the 17th Century with pieces of modern sculpture to create interiors that are irresistible to the eye. Mishaan got his start in New York working in the offices of Philip Johnson, and from there he took off into his own realm of design. He instinctively knew that art had no boundaries, and his work conveys that passion. To know more about him click here.

Transforming a Space on 5th Avenue

It’s this amazing eye for detail and the flow of objects, textures and color that makes Richard Mishaan so great at what he does. He uses the beautiful 5th Avenue apartment (overlooking Central Park) he shares with his family as a kind of lab to experiment with styles. More than anything, he sees interior design as a way for an individual to express themselves. Every client is an original, and Mishaan loves to help the client show who they really are in the environment they live in.

The New York design world is quick to acknowledge the strength and beauty of Mishaan’s work, which has kept him at the top of this competitive industry for many years.

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