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Rona Borre Knows How To Get The Job Done

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, one of the most successful staffing companies in America. She started the company in 2001, right after she had just broken all of the sales records of a previous company she had worked for. She knew that she had gone as far as possible with that company and she wanted to reach higher goals.

Instant Alliance hires mainly financial and technological professionals for clients because these are the folks who are in demand. Instant Alliance works with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, and smaller firms too, and they all need finance and technology to make it to the next level.  For related article, check on cnbc.com.

Borre knew that if she concentrated on this one niche with well-trained account executives, she would do well. Once word got around that she could find just the right people through her talented techniques and personnel, Instant Alliance was the place to go for this kind of talent.  For clips on Borre and Instant Alliance, be sure to click on vimeo.com.

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New people in a company need to be able to fit in and work with the team. Growing companies have to hire personnel who can work together or the formula won’t work. This is why Boore only has a 1 percent attrition rate of the hires that she has placed over the years. Employers know that and appreciate it because it takes a huge load off of them and their staff.

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