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SoftBank $100 Billion Fund Begins With Fortress Investment Group Acquisition

SoftBank Group a global technology company begins the creation of a $100 billion investment fund with the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group one of the largest alternative asset investment firms in the world. SoftBank group is a global conglomerate specializing in technology and currently is advancing areas such as telecommunications, AI research, internet services and other advancements within the technology infrastructure that can be utilized to propel society into an information revolution.

The Fortress acquisition will provide necessary capital investment opportunities to continue the expansion of their technology research and development. Fortress Investment Group has begun the process of developing an alternative asset investment firm that will rival some of the largest firms in this category in the world. With the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, Softbank Group is creating one of the largest investment firms in the world with more than $30 billion in assets under management. SoftBank group also acquired Vision Fund another investment firm that will add billions of dollars to its accumulated investment portfolio.

The acquisition of these investment firms gives SoftBank Group the portfolio to be one of the leading alternative asset investment firms in the world and rival the likes of Carlyle, K.K.R., and Blackstone, other prominent investors in the alternative asset firm industry. After the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, all of the key important executive and director staff within Fortress where retained and will continue to expand off of their vision of expanding investment opportunities within their organizational strategic plans.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is run by Wes Edens and Peter Briger Co-Chief Executive Officers and leading the company intellectual capital and experience in propelling and advancing in the alternative asset industry with creative and innovative approaches to evaluating undervalued and distressed assets. Fortress Investment Group currently has more than 1750 institutional and individual clients that are located around the globe and provide the capital resources to continue to grow the company assets under management.

Fortress Investment Group specializes in various alternative asset classes including real estate, credit, private equity, and various other underperforming and illiquid opportunities. Also, more recently, they have created infrastructure and develop technologies in public railway systems with the development of the All Aboard Florida passenger rail service that services passengers from Orlando to Miami. Also, they have developed the New Fortress Energy subsidiary that produces clean and renewable energy in Miami with a liquefied natural gas plant that is creating environmentally safe approaches to energy development.

There are also plans within the New Fortress Energy subsidiary to create a plant in Jamaica as well. Fortress Investment Group has continued expanding its reach throughout the globe by investing in opportunities that are distressed, underperforming, and illiquid investment opportunities. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group has established the necessary human capital and financial capital to expand Softbank’s Investment Portfolio exponentially. With the continued growth of Softbank’s Investment Portfolio with the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group and the acquisition of Vision Fund, they are well on their way to expanding their investments under management to well over $100 billion.

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