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Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group & Improves Access to Future Markets

Softbank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group has made a big difference in the perception of investment and financial strategy services around the world. The assimilation of this incredible company into one of the largest tech giants has been a highly notable and exemplary event. There are a lot of reasons that the merger was needed. The end result is a powerful and versatile solution to many investment fund management situations.

Fortress Investment Group has consistent corporate values when it comes to empowerment and innovation. These ideas and beliefs are important to the identity of Softbank as well. Not only are both organizations pioneers, but they have made steadfast improvements in their respective fields. These historically significant commonalities between Fortress Investment Group and Softbank make it clear that both are compatible in the merger.

Fortress Investment Group has been mainly focused on tech and internet startups since its inception. The most recent acquisition is the boldest yet and has thrown it in the ring to become a major investment service and conglomerate. On the other hand, the acquisition has also played into the hands of Fortress because it is in line with their long-term goals. The biggest change is that the company will no longer be publicly traded. It made news in 2007 by being the first private equity firm in the US to be listed on the New York stock exchange.

Principal Wes Edens stated that the merger would give them a chance to be private again without having to deal with a traditional setup. Mr. Edens spoke excitedly about being acquired by Softbank. He remarked about how it is a great company under the visionary leadership of its founder, Masayoshi Son. He believes Fortress Investment Group will help Softbank attain its goals and in return, Softbank will be a major asset to his firm for years to come.

Ultimately the future of innovation is secure with this recent merger. Both organizations are committed to improving the way new endeavors are addressed over time.


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