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Stream Cares Is A New Extension To The Stream Energy Organization

Stream Energy is a company that is focused on providing energy services to clients throughout the region where they are located in Texas. Stream Energy has been in business for more than a decade, providing their customers with gas, electricity, and home care services. Much of their process revolves around direct selling, which allows them to save immersive on advertising costs. A big part of what Stream is trying to do is support the community, which is why they recently started up the Stream Cares foundation. This new organization is primarily focused on philanthropic projects to separate from Stream Energy.

Stream Cares will work to help the community in all ways possible, including individuals and families that are in need of support. As it stands, Stream Cares will be working with other organizations to a similar capacity such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Not only has Stream Energy worked to improve the conditions around Texas concerning homelessness, but they have also helped many veterans find new opportunities.

Since first starting out as an energy company more than a decade ago, Stream has gone into business with many other organizations that help the community. This includes the Hope Supply Company. Not only has Stream helped Hope take care of the homeless throughout the community, but they have also been apart of their Splash for Hope events, bringing homeless children to give them something fun to experience. Stream is an energy company, but they feel as though they are an important part of the community and intend to continue building that presence. Stream Energy’s philanthropic activities also give them a lot of exposure, increasing their business at a steady rate. With the development of Stream Cares, many more people within the community will be able to participate in these philanthropic projects that are brought forth by the company


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