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Stream Energy steps in to fill gap left by decline in coal production

Few industries have played as important or controversial a part in the country’s history, right up to the present, than the coal business. As a flashpoint in the battle for labor rights, the coal industry exemplified both the best and the worst aspects of the U.S. labor system. As the means of firing the locomotives that helped tame the West and the coke furnaces that helped building American industry into the most powerful force the world has ever seen, coal played a central and indispensable role. Read more at bizjournals.com about Stream Energy.

But the industry’s heyday is long past. Today, the coal business is in a state of inexorable decline. Between approximately 2005 and 2016, coal went from providing more than half of the nation’s energy to providing less than a third, a precipitous drop for such a stalwart source of the nation’s power. The trends that have seen the fortunes of coal and its surrounding industries falter are unlikely to abate any time soon.

With the rise of alternative energy sources, the expense of extracting and burning coal has exploded. Additionally, a string of tough emissions regulations, the 2015 Clean Air Act being chief among them, have severely hampered the ability of coal operations to expand. This has left the industry extremely vulnerable to newer, cleaner energy types, such as wind, solar and natural gas.

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But not everyone is lamenting the demise of Big Coal. Stream Energy, a Dallas-based alternative energy company, sees the decline of coal as a new beginning for America in which the country will no longer suffer from the extreme pollution and danger that an over-reliance on coal-fired power plants carries. Stream Energy is an innovative company that allows users in certain states where energy has been deregulated to take advantage of cleaner, more cost-effective forms of electricity generation.

Stream Energy has allowed tens of thousands of customers across the country to save vast sums of money on their monthly bills through flexible energy plans that include clean sources, such as natural gas, solar power and wind-generated electricity. On top of that, Stream Energy provides its independent associates with ways to both earn income and enjoy the benefits of free energy through promoting its clean energy plans. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

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