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Ted Bauman Offers Investment Advice Not Available From Wall Street Through Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman is one of the contributors of Banyan Hill Publishing. This publication provides a better alternative to protecting and growing the wealth of investors. It boasts of offering financial investment information that is not available from Wall Street. Banyan Hill Publishing is composed of a team of world renowned financial experts who share the financial strategies they used in building and protecting their own wealth.

Being a trained economist, it would be natural for Ted Bauman to join the Banyan Hill team of financial experts in 2013. After his economics training in the United States, he migrated to South Africa in the middle of the 1980s. There, he involved himself in the country’s implementation and development of its post-apartheid urbanization and economic policy. Ted Bauman also worked as a consultant to various organizations including the United Nations and different European and African governments during the 1990s through the 2000s. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

The financial experts at Banyan Hill, including Ted Bauman, function as hedge managers. All of them have traveled the world; helped millions of people manage their financial futures, have written best sellers about finance, and gave financial advice to world leaders. They all have backgrounds in financial planning, business management, and technical analysis enabling them to offer insights that can help investors achieve a greater level of financial success without suffering any negative risk.

Banyan Hill Publishing boasts that its readership has already reached more than 400,000 daily. Its readers are relying on the advice of Ted Bauman and other financial experts to help them determine investment opportunities that has the potential of growing their wealth. This site is focused on income-generating investments, mid-cap and small-cap stocks, overly undervalued U.S. companies, natural resources, options plays and commodities.

The financial strategies offered by the financial experts at Banyan Hill may be unorthodox. If they are compared to the old unimaginative advice given by the mainstream financial experts in the news media, the advice provided by the Banyan Hill experts are really unusual. But they do present new opportunities which are known only to very few investors. This is what makes them more profitable.

Investors who are really after guaranteed results may consider Banyan Hill Publishing as an attractive alternative to mainstream financial advisers. The name Banyan was not chosen for no reason at all. Banyan Hill is just like the Banyan tree that offers support that can help investors weather the financial storms that periodically lashes at the financial markets. Visit: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/

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