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The Dashing Daniel Mark Harrison

This monkey business is no monkey business! Monkey Capital is one for the books. This business is using many different methods to take off in their climb to major success. One major piece of their advances is one of the managing partners, Daniel Mark Harrison. He is a perfect example of how important it is to be well rounded and flexible.

Daniel Mark Harrison does more than just help manage Monkey Capital. He is like an octopus with a career in each hand. He took full advantage of having the freedom to educate himself. First, he tackled theology. Then he took on business administration but, he did not stop there. He continued his already impressive education with a degree in journalism. This gives him more than a hand up in the business field. It gives him an overall wisdom and many more perspectives compared to other entrepreneurs that have not invested in a full education.
Daniel Mark Harrison used all of these investments of knowledge to thrive in the business world. Not only did his impressive education help, but his reputation. Daniel Harrison is a well known writer and has not hidden from the public eye. From writing his own book to writing for big time sites and magazines, he is well known. Going into business with a well known, educated, and trusted business man is almost too simple. Monkey Capital thrived from the beginning with the celebrity like managers. Daniel takes this very his very well known, classy reputation and uses it for Monkey Capital. He also uses his hands on, working class mindset and uses it to his advantage. This is why his adverting and attempts to bring in investors always seems to be smoothly successful.
Hence, a well rounded education and the right mindset can get one just about any where. Daniel Mark Harrison made a name for himself with it and is thriving! He is the perfect example of why it is important to learn, work hard, and stay humble.

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