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The Future With Jason Hope

Jason Hope is looking toward the future. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things by Jesse Boskoff does a great job defining and expanding on Hope and his ideas.

The article explains the Internet of Things as connecting technology that allows various devices to sync with each other. The world will be connected from all devices. Some advantages of the Internet of Things would be the smart technology and the elimination of waste. Smart technology would allow for better transportation monitoring and connections in daily lives. Waste elimination would come from less pollution and less automobile accidents. The Internet of Things if the future and Jason Hope sees it.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, got his degree in finance and his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope gives back to organizations such as the SENS foundation. He believes their anti aging improvements are creating long healthy lives and giving people a better quality of living. Hope provided 500 thousand dollars in funding to the SENS foundation to support the research laboratory at Cambridge.

Hope also supports local education in his home state of Arizona. Having had such a positive educational experience in the public school system he continues to support them today. Hope made a donation to the Teach for America’s Phoenix chapter in 2015. The program benefits recruitment, training, and support for Phoenix teachers. He also visits classrooms through the organization. He is giving back to the community, supporting the institutions that brought him up.

Jason Hope is the future. He not only sees the future with the Internet of Things bringing the world together but in supporting education and the SENS foundation today.

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