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The Incomparable Mike Baur

A man that is creative and and is able to construct with his hands can build additions to the world. Mike Baur possesses these qualities and more. He is an entrepreneur, an architect and business partner. Mike co=founded the Swiss Start Up Factory, a business that specializes in services such as pitch training that is taught by professionals, coaching new or already existent entrepreneurs, providing research marketing teams, support for accounting and marketing and developing a lucrative product. He and his partners help other beginning business owners with strategies that are proven to enhance growth. The movement to digital performances has made a large impact on the business world today. The expert team at the Swiss Start Up Factory teaches about the up and coming income potential with a state of the art digital offices. Mike is the person in charge of the fundraisers and other financial duties of his company. In addition to the Swiss Start Up Factory, Mike was also the Chief Executive Officer of the Scan Source company that is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. He has been in the banking and finance business for over twenty years. Although he is a strong, determined and innovative business man and financial guru, he may be better know for his work as an architect and sculptor.


Mike has done astounding work with concrete, steel, plastic, wood and stone. His architectural designs can be found in the United States and in Spain. Over the past forty years, Mike has developed a visual theme for his art. He is working on a piece that he hopes will carry this theme far beyond that which can be imagined. He loves to master the three dimensional object forms. He had used fiberglass in some of his pieces, but after a tornado destroyed some of his work he switched to concrete for durability. Mike’s architectural work is monumental and can be found in Taragona, Spain, and in the Department of Transportation building in Springfield, Illinois as well as other cities in the country. In 1974 Mike competed internationally and won the honor or building an architectural piece in Barcelona, Spain. This was an amazing feat that would keep him encouraged for a lifetime. With these and many more accolades to his credit, Mike has remained humble. His pleasure comes from his artistic work. His confidence is increased to unmatched limits by the popularity of his specially made constructed pieces.


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