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The Success Of Michael Burwell As A Financial Expert

Michael was appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson after the voluntary retirement of Roger Millay. Michael Burwell joined the company in 2017. Before joining the Willis Towers Watson, Michael worked for the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). While at the PwC, Michael held different positions in the company. He gained 11 years of the experience in auditing. He has over 31 years of experience as a financial expert. Willis Towers Watson is a leading worldwide broking, advisory and professional services company. The company has helped institutions and individuals to turn risks into successful businesses. Michael Burwell is not only going to help the company in the financial sector but also through his broad experience in leadership.


Michael Burwell did audit practice while at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, he was also once the Head of Transaction Services, Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Financial Officer. His commitment, hard work, and good leadership skills made him be promoted into different ranks and be appointed an internal overseer. Michael Burwell is an alumnus of Michigan State University where he graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration. He is a leader who has been tested and tried in the financial field. Michael Burwell has helped in the establishment of different companies.


John Harley, the Chief Executive Officer, said that he believes that Michael Burwell will be a suitable replacement for the outgoing Chief Financial Officer. Michael will help the company to grow exponentially in a complex business world. He is going to help in driving the company to higher levels. Michael Burwell has become part and parcel of the company, and Burwell is now focused on helping the company achieve its goals.


Michael Burwell is glad to be part of the Willis Towers Watson; he believes that the good leadership of the company will help to create a good working environment for the prosperity of the company. He believes that the company is in a position to move into new levels. His experience is going to be of great benefit to the company. He is also very knowledgeable in accounting and very experienced. See This Page to learn more.


The company is known worldwide for its financial assistant to different people in the world. The company has employees of about 40,000. The company is operating in over 140 countries in the world. The company is committed to helping people in business and institutions to realize their full potential. The company helps in stabilization of markets by increasing their capital. Michael Burwell is a CPA.


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