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Tony Petrello Directing Nabors Industries To Help During Hurricane Harvey

Being a good corporate citizen is becoming important to residents. People want to feel like they are investing in companies and business owners who understand the importance of caring for the communities they serve. This is clearly seen during the wake of a community disaster. Those living in Houston and surrounding areas were just hit with a horrible hurricane that was named Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

The streets were like rivers and property was destroyed. People in these communities really needed help, and a number of companies and business owners stepped up to help. It is a given that some churches and the Houston Food Bank took it upon themselves to help, but there were many other organizations worth noting, such as Nabors Industries. This company has always stood out in Houston, which some credit Tony Petrello for who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. It is common to see the company’s employees improving themselves at their in-house fitness center or talking amongst each other at the company’s barbecue pit. These perks show how much Tony Petrello wants employees to care for one another.

It is common to see Tony Petrello’s company at neighborhood community projects and fundraising events. People in these communities have gotten used to Nabors Industries helping out one way or another, so it was more than expected to see them take action during the Hurricane Harvey aftermath. The company allowed employees to take off work to help their communities. The employees got paid leave in order to provide help to their communities. Most of the company’s employees were sent to work the Gulf Coast where their help was sorely needed. Tony Petrello also help jumpstart the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, which raised thousands to help with the community’s reconstruction and relief efforts.

Some of the people who were affected by this hurricane were able to eat three times a day with the help of the Nabors Industries. The company gave those who needed food three meals per day using their on-site kitchen. Petrello’s company was cooking large volumes of food, and the people were very grateful. Many of the employees who were helping out were affected directly or indirectly by the hurricane. This disaster hit home, and Petrello knew this. No one had to bring this up to Petrello’s attention nor to anyone working at this company because helping is almost second nature to the people working at Nabors Industries. Those who have paid attention to this business are likely proud of all the good they do.

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